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Laura Sandra Leo

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Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Augusto Righi"


Leo, Laura S.; Vranic, Sasa; Kalas, Milan; Debele, Sisay E.; Bertini, Flavio; Ommer, Joy; Montesi, Danilo; Pavlova, Irina; Kumar, Prashant; Di Sabatino, Silvana, A Geospatial Information Knowledge Platform for NBS tackling hydro-meteorological hazards: key features and innovative aspects, in: EGU General Assembly 2020, 2020, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: EGU General Assembly 2020, Vienna, 3-8 Maggio 2020) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Ommer, Joy; Vranić, Saša; Leo, Laura S.; Kalas, Milan; Debele, Sisay E.; Bertini, Flavio; Montesi, Danilo; Pavlova, Irina; Kumar, Prashant; Di Sabatino, Silvana, An engine for social-ecological risk analysis and NBS recommendation to support risk mitigation management, in: EGU General Assembly 2020, 2020, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: EGU General Assembly 2020, Vienna, 3-8 Maggio 2020) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Sasa Vranić, Milan Kalas, Laura Sandra Leo, Joy Ommer, Flavio Bertini, Danilo Montesi, Silvana Di Sabatino, INSPIRE in the context of Nature-Based Solutions, in: INSPIRE Conference 2020, 2020, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: INSPIRE Conference 2020, Dubrovnik, 13-15 Maggio 2020) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Grachev A.A.; Fairall C.W.; Blomquist B.W.; Fernando H.J.S.; Leo L.S.; Otarola-Bustos S.F.; Wilczak J.M.; McCaffrey K.L., On the surface energy balance closure at different temporal scales, «AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY», 2020, 281, pp. 107823 - 107823 [articolo]

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Preface: Special issue on the MATERHORN program and complex terrain flows»

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Leo, L.S., Buccolieri, R., Di Sabatino S., Scale-adaptive morphometric analysis for urban air quality and ventilation applications, «BUILDING RESEARCH AND INFORMATION», 2018, 46, pp. 931 - 951 [articolo]Open Access

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