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Laura Mazzocchetti

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry


Marco Bovo; Niccolò Giani; Alberto Barbaresi; Laura Mazzocchetti; Luca Barbaresi; Loris Giorgini; Daniele Torreggiani; Patrizia Tassinari, Contribution to thermal and acoustic characterization of corn cob for bio-based building insulation applications, «ENERGY AND BUILDINGS», 2022, 262, Article number: 111994 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]

S. Scurti, J. Ortolani, A. Ghirri, E. Maccaferri, D. Caretti, L. Mazzocchetti, Intumescent flame inhibitor surface coating based on phosphorylated-PVA for CFRPs, in: Book of Abstract del XXIV Convegno Nazionale AIM, 2022, pp. 337 - 339 (atti di: XXIV Convegno Nazionale AIM, Trento, 4-7/09/2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Maccaferri E.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Ortolani J.; Brugo T.M.; Zucchelli A.; Giorgini L., Is Graphene Always Effective in Reinforcing Composites? The Case of Highly Graphene-Modified Thermoplastic Nanofibers and Their Unfortunate Application in CFRP Laminates, «POLYMERS», 2022, 14, Article number: 5565 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]Open Access

Maccaferri E.; Ortolani J.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Brugo T.M.; Zucchelli A.; Giorgini L., New Application Field of Polyethylene Oxide: PEO Nanofibers as Epoxy Toughener for Effective CFRP Delamination Resistance Improvement, «ACS OMEGA», 2022, 7, Article number: 01189 , pp. 23189 - 23200 [Scientific article]Open Access

Montorsi, F; Brancolini, G; Mazzocchetti, L; Benelli, T; Giorgini, L, Optimization of Pyro-gasification of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs), «MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA», 2022, 405, Article number: 2100384 , pp. 1 - 4 [Scientific article]Open Access

Ortolani, J; Maccaferri, E; Mazzocchetti, L; Benelli, T; Brugo, TM; Zucchelli, A; Giorgini, L, Polyamide Nanofibers Impregnated with Nitrile Rubber for Enhancing CFRP Delamination Resistance, «MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA», 2022, 405, Article number: 2100232 , pp. 1 - 3 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giani, N; Ortolani, J; Mazzocchetti, L; Benelli, T; Picchioni, F; Giorgini, L, Production of Thermoplastic Composite Filaments for Additive Manufacturing using Recycled Carbon Fibers, «MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA», 2022, 405, Article number: 2100249 , pp. 1 - 4 [Scientific article]Open Access

Maccaferri E.; Dalle Donne M.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Brugo T.M.; Zucchelli A.; Giorgini L., Rubber-enhanced polyamide nanofibers for a significant improvement of CFRP interlaminar fracture toughness, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2022, 12, Article number: 21426 , pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]Open Access

Maccaferri E.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Brugo T.M.; Zucchelli A.; Giorgini L., Self-Assembled NBR/Nomex Nanofibers as Lightweight Rubbery Nonwovens for Hindering Delamination in Epoxy CFRPs, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2022, 14, Article number: 17643 , pp. 1885-1899 - 1899 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giani N.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Picchioni F.; Giorgini L., Towards sustainability in 3D printing of thermoplastic composites: Evaluation of recycled carbon fibers as reinforcing agent for FDM filament production and 3D printing, «COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING», 2022, 159, Article number: 107002 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]

Parodi A.; D'Ambrosio M.; Mazzocchetti L.; Martinez G.A.; Samori' C.; Torri C.; Galletti P., Chemical Recycling of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) into Bio-Based Solvents and Their Use in a Circular PHB Extraction, «ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING», 2021, 9, pp. 12575 - 12583 [Scientific article]Open Access

Povolo M.; Maccaferri E.; Cocchi D.; Brugo T.M.; Mazzocchetti L.; Giorgini L.; Zucchelli A., Damping and mechanical behaviour of composite laminates interleaved with rubbery nanofibers, «COMPOSITE STRUCTURES», 2021, 272, Article number: 114228 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Merighi S.; Mazzocchetti L.; Benelli T.; Giorgini L., Evaluation of novel bio-based amino curing agent systems for epoxy resins: Effect of tryptophan and guanine, «PROCESSES», 2021, 9, Article number: 42 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Minosi, S.; Cocchi, D.; Maccaferri, E.; Pirondi, A.; Zucchelli, A.; Mazzocchetti, L.; Ambrosini, D.; Campanini, F., Exploitation of rubbery electrospun nanofibrous mat for fracture toughness improvement of structural epoxy adhesive bonded joints, «JOURNAL OF ADVANCED JOINING PROCESSES», 2021, 3, Article number: 100050 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Patent n. 102021000025082, Garment with padding and corresponding production method.

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