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Laura Beatrice Mattioli

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Department for Life Quality Studies

PhD Student

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Teaching tutor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/10 Food Chemistry


Mattioli, Laura Beatrice; Frosini, Maria; Corazza, Ivan; Fiorino, Sirio; Zippi, Maddalena; Micucci, Matteo; Budriesi, Roberta, Long COVID‐19 gastrointestinal related disorders and traditional Chinese medicine: A network target‐based approach, «PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH», 2024, n/a, pp. 1 - 24 [Scientific article]

Magurano F.; Micucci M.; Nuzzo D.; Baggieri M.; Picone P.; Gioacchini S.; Fioravanti R.; Bucci P.; Kojouri M.; Mari M.; Retini M.; Budriesi R.; Mattioli L.B.; Corazza I.; Di Liberto V.; Todaro L.; Giuseppetti R.; D'Ugo E.; Marchi A.; Mecca M.; D'Auria M., A potential host and virus targeting tool against COVID-19: Chemical characterization, antiviral, cytoprotective, antioxidant, respiratory smooth muscle relaxant effects of Paulownia tomentosa Steud, «BIOMÉDECINE & PHARMACOTHÉRAPIE», 2023, 158, Article number: 114083 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Laura Beatrice Mattioli, Ivan Corazza, Roberta Budriesi, APPLICAZIONE SULLA DISMOTILITÀ INTESTINALE DI ESTRATTI DI FOGLIE DI OLEA EUROPAEA L. E DI PETALI DI HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA L. (HERBAL MIX), in: Pharmanutrition and Functional Foods, SINut - Società italiana di Nutraceutica, «PHARMANUTRITION AND FUNCTIONAL FOODS», 2023, 3, pp. 89 - 89 (atti di: 13° Congresso Nazionale SINut, Bologna, 14-16 Settembre 2023) [Abstract]

Laura Mattioli, Ivan Corazza, Matteo Micucci, Marco Pallavicini, Roberta Budriesi, Mojca Osredkar Mergole, Effects of different tannin-based extracts on gut chicken spontaneous contractility, in: XIXth European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products XXVth European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat - Abstract book, 2023, pp. 127 - 128 (atti di: XIXth European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products - XXVth European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat, Krakov, 7-9 September 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Bidgoli, Reza; Abdullah, Fuad O.; Budriesi, Roberta; Beatrice Mattioli, Laura; Spadoni, Gilberto; Mari, Michele; Micucci, Matteo, Essential oil Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Eucalyptus largiflorens F. Muell, «POLISH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES», 2023, 32, pp. 3043 - 3052 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Milani, Gualtiero; Budriesi, Roberta; Tavazzani, Elisa; Cavalluzzi, Maria Maddalena; Mattioli, Laura Beatrice; Miniero, Daniela Valeria; Delre, Pietro; Belviso, Benny Danilo; Denegri, Marco; Cuocci, Corrado; Rotondo, Natalie Paola; De Palma, Annalisa; Gualdani, Roberta; Caliandro, Rocco; Mangiatordi, Giuseppe Felice; Kumawat, Amit; Camilloni, Carlo; Priori, Silvia; Lentini, Giovanni, hERG stereoselective modulation by mexiletine-derived ureas: Molecular docking study, synthesis, and biological evaluation, «ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE», 2023, 356, pp. e2300116 - 1 [Scientific article]Open Access

Fontana R.; Mattioli L.B.; Biotti G.; Budriesi R.; Gotti R.; Micucci M.; Corazza I.; Marconi P.; Frosini M.; Manfredini S.; Buzzi R.; Vertuani S., Magnolia officinalis L. bark extract and respiratory diseases: From traditional Chinese medicine to western medicine via network target, «PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH», 2023, 1, pp. 1 - 24 [Scientific article]Open Access

Das, Gitishree; Budriesi, Roberta; Shin, Han-Seung; Urso, Francesco; Bose, Sankhadip; Banerjee, Sabyasachi; Rodriguez-Torres, Maria Del Pilar; Mattioli, Laura Beatrice; Patra, Jayanta Kumar; Micucci, Matteo, Nutraceuticals, a Bridge Between Past and Future: Focus on Mushrooms Biological Activities and Myco-Chemistry, «MINI-REVIEWS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2023, 23, pp. 320 - 335 [Scientific article]

Mattioli L.B.; Corazza I.; Micucci M.; Pallavicini M.; Budriesi R., Tannins-Based Extracts: Effects on Gut Chicken Spontaneous Contractility, «MOLECULES», 2023, 28, Article number: 395 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

Laura Beatrice Mattioli, Filomena Corbo, Maria Lisa Clodoveo, Roberta Budriesi, Waste by-products from Olea europaea as a potential application in Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, in: CHIMALI2023, 2023, pp. 31 - 31 (atti di: XIII Congresso Nazionale di Chimica Degli Alimenti, Marsala (TP), 29-31 maggio 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Chiaino E.; Stella R.; Peggion C.; Micucci M.; Budriesi R.; Mattioli L.B.; Marzetti C.; Pessina F.; Valoti M.; Frosini M., Acacia catechu willd. Extract protects neuronal cells from oxidative stress-induced damage, «ANTIOXIDANTS», 2022, 11, Article number: 81 , pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]Open Access

Budriesi, Roberta; Micucci, Matteo; Daglia, Maria; Corazza, Ivan; Biotti, Giulia; Mattioli, Laura Beatrice, Chemical Features and Biological Effects of Astaxanthin Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis Flotow: Focus on Gastrointestinal System, «BIOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES FORUM», 2022, 12, Article number: 31 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]Open Access

Micucci, Matteo; Budriesi, Roberta; Mandrioli, Mara; Tura, Matilde; Corazza, Ivan; Frosini, Maria; Aldini, Rita; Mattioli, Laura Beatrice; Gallina Toschi, Tullia, Effects of turmeric powder on intestinal and biliary functions: The influence of curcuminoids concentration on spontaneous contractility, «JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS», 2022, 99, Article number: 105314 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Mattioli L.B.; Frosini M.; Amoroso R.; Maccallini C.; Chiano E.; Aldini R.; Urso F.; Corazza I.; Micucci M.; Budriesi R., Olea europea L. Leaves and Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Petals Extracts: Herbal Mix from Cardiovascular Network Target to Gut Motility Dysfunction Application, «NUTRIENTS», 2022, 14, Article number: 463 , pp. 1 - 26 [Scientific article]Open Access

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