Foto del docente

Luisa Lugli

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Academic discipline: M-PSI/01 General Psychology

Curriculum vitae

Associate Professor at the University of Bologna since 2016, performing research in the field of Cognitive Psychology. In particular, her main research interests concern:

  • studies in the context of the embodied perspective of cognition:
    • processing and representation of concepts and the influence of language in categorization processes
    • interaction between high-level cognitive processes (language processing and numerical cognition) and motor system;
    • effects of grasping and use of objects in a social perspective
  • study of the cognitive-motor processes involved in the orientation of attention and conflict processing:
    • spatial compatibility and Simon effect;
    • interaction between emotions and gaze orientation
    • Truth/Lie effects and lie detection
    • joint action and joint attention processes


Degree in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, PhD in Theoretical and Applied Social Sciences in 2007, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Teaching activity

Since 2013, continuous teaching activities holding various course in 1st and 2nd cycle degree programmes at the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

Currently, professor of

  • Cognitive Psychology for the 1st cycle degree programme in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna;
  • Psycholinguistics for the 2nd cycle degree programme in Philosophical Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna.

Scientific activities

Participations in numerous national and international research programmes including:

  • Erasmus + Program member of the European Union entitled "RECOGNIZE Legal Reasoning and Cognitive Science". Partner: University of Palermo, Krakow, Maastricht, Alicante, Ljubljana and Bologna. Coordinator for the Bologna units prof. Corrado Roversi. (ERASMUS + 2020-2023)
  • Member of the winning research group of the ALMAIDEA project funded by the University of Bologna. Project title: Experimental theory of law: embodied cognition and perception of the law. Principal Investigator: prof. Corrado Roversi. (ALMAIDEA 2018)
  • Research Project “Language, eye movements, affordances and social context” (PRIN 2008)
  • Research Project “Shared representations and modulations of the Simon effect” (PRIN 2008)
  • Research Project “Qualitative and quantitative tools for the analysis of the psychotherapeutic relationship” (PRIN 2004)

Visiting research at the University of British Columbia during the Ph.D period (January-May 2006).

Visiting professor at Potsdam University (November 2018)

Ad-hoc reviewer for several international and italian journals in the field of Cognitive Psychology

Institutional activities and academic appointments

Since 2021, for the Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna:

  • vice director
  • delegate for the Public Engagement (University and Society)
  • delegate for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity
  • supervisor of a Junior assistant professor (fixed-term) PON, title “Cognitive understanding of new interfaces and new innovative and green issues (e-mobility)” in collaboration with Maserati

Since 2019, scientific coordinator of the "Knowledge & Cognition" research center of the Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna

Since 2016, member of the PhD board "PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, COGNITION, AND SEMIOTICS (PSCS)", Department of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologna