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Laura Bottazzi

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics


Keywords: trust and venture capital firms' capital structure financial literacy financial innovation and venture capital technology and growth Financial crisis and the labor market

The economics of trust and culture

Financial Literacy

The choice of firms capital structure

Risk sharing and the labor market

Financing Innovation, Venture Capital

 Diffusion and Adoption of Technological Innovation

 Technology and Growth

 Concentration / deconcentration of the economic activity

 Exchange Rate Theory,

 International Diversification of Portfolios

 Interests Rates and Speculative Attacks Theory

The economics of trust and culture:  we study how cultural differences between individuals belonging to different ethnic groups influence local public expenditure using panel data  of US cities.. We also look at the effect of trust and marriages of different cultural traits.

Financial Literacy: using the  PISA data we study what determines the difference in financial literacy among italian regions.

The choice of firms capital structure:  we study the choice of the debt and equity financing of firms

Risk sharing and the labor market: we study how firms adopt policies of risk sharing changing their capital structure and labor.

Financing Innovation, Venture Capital: we study how VC choose to finance innovation.

 Diffusion and Adoption of Technological Innovation: we study the geographic diffusion of innovation

  Concentration / deconcentration of the economic activity: We study the process of geographyc concentration or deconcentration of economic activity

Exchange Rate Theory, : exchange rate theory and exchange rate determination

 International Diversification of Portfolios: portfolio diversification as a mean of macro shock risk sharing.


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