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Kerry Jane Rhoden

Associate Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/03 Medical Genetics


Keywords: thyroid gland thyroid cancer transporters iodide

The thyroid gland accumulates iodide in order to synthesize thyroid hormones, and this property underlies the clinical utility of radioiodine in thyroid cancer therapy. My laboratory's research is focused on the following areas: (i) development of a novel fluorescence live cell imaging assay with a genetically-encodable halide biosensor to monitor cellular iodide uptake, (ii) functional and molecular characterization of the proteins involved in thyroidal iodide transport in normal and tumoral cells, (iii) screening of chemical substances (drugs, environmental contaminants, nutrients) that modulate iodide transport, and may impact both normal thyroid function as well as the efficacy of radioiodine therapy in cancer.

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