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Jacopo Agnelli

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering


Keywords: Project Management, Management, Public Incentives, Composites Materials, carbon fiber, Natural Fibers Composites NFC, Economic Sociology, Environmental Sociology, green economy, green mobility, Environment and Electrical Engineering, carbon nanotubes CNT, renewable sources, Industrial R&D.

Project Management: Business Management, Economic Management Engineering, Public Incentives for R&D, Balance sheet, Business Planning, Social Report and Corporate Finance, Business Angel, start-up, Sociology of Economic and Industrial Processes,

Composites: Study of Materials Technology, carbon fiber, Bio-composites based on flax and cotton, nano-composites based on MW carbon nano-tubes, aramid fibers and innovative composites.

Electronic and Environmental Engineering, renewable sources, Photovoltaic energy, Wind energy, photovoltaic tiles, green mobility, E-Cars, Industrial R&D, Environmental Sociology

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