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Giuseppe De Gregorio

Full Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: M-STO/09 Paleography


Keywords: Greek Manuscripts History and reception of Greek texts in Byzantium Byzantine Civilization Humanism and early modern period Greek documents Byzantine chanceries Byzantine epigrams

1) Manuscript and documentary production in Greek: Study of Book manufacturing and of written practices in the Byzantine world (with particular reference to the Palaeologan era: 13th-15th centuries) as well as in Humanism and in the early modern age; history of Byzantine documents, with particular reference to the praxis of the central Constantinopolitan chanceries (i.e. the imperial and patriarchal chanceries).

2) Ancient text tradition and reception in the Greek Middle Ages: Study of the manuscript transmission of the most widespread and appreciated Ancient authors in Byzantium, especially during the Macedonian age as well as in the Comnenian era and during the Palaeologan renaissance.

3) Byzantine epigrammatic poetry: census and critical edition of Greek metrical inscriptions from the Middle Ages, which are either transmitted in manuscript anthologies or directly preserved on objects such as books, furnishings and works of art.

4) History of Byzantine monasteries: study of documents and witnesses related to Byzantine monastic foundations.

5) Study of the Greek manuscript heritage in the libraries of Bologna and Emilia Romagna: census and detailled investigation of some of the most significant Greek manuscript Cimelia which are now preserved in the region of Emilia Romagna.