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Giulio Bertuzzi

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Lombardi L.; Cerveri A.; Ceccon L.; Pedrazzani R.; Monari M.; Bertuzzi G.; Bandini M., Merging C-C σ-bond activation of cyclobutanones with CO2 fixation via Ni-catalysis, «CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS», 2022, 58, pp. 4071 - 4074 [Scientific article]

Lombardi L.; Mazzaro R.; Gazzano M.; Kovtun A.; Morandi V.; Bertuzzi G.; Bandini M., NiNP@rGO Nanocomposites as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Thiocarboxylation Cross-Coupling Reactions, «SYNTHESIS», 2022, 54, pp. 1633 - 1642 [Scientific article]

Bertuzzi, Giulio; Corti, Vasco; Izzo, Joseph A.; Ričko, Sebastijan; Jessen, Nicolaj Inunnguaq; Jørgensen, Karl Anker, Organocatalytic Enantioselective Construction of Conformationally Stable C(sp2)–C(sp3) Atropisomers, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2022, 144, pp. 1056 - 1065 [Scientific article]

Giulio Bertuzzi, Giada Ombrosi, Marco Bandini, Regio- and Stereoselective Electrochemical Alkylation of Morita−Baylis−Hillman Adducts, «ORGANIC LETTERS», 2022, 24, pp. 4354 - 4359 [Scientific article]

Lombardi L.; Kovtun A.; Mantovani S.; Bertuzzi G.; Favaretto L.; Bettini C.; Palermo V.; Melucci M.; Bandini M., Visible-Light Assisted Covalent Surface Functionalization of Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets with Arylazo Sulfones, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2022, 28, Article number: e202200333 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

Battaglioli S.; Bertuzzi G.; Pedrazzani R.; Benetti J.; Valenti G.; Montalti M.; Monari M.; Bandini M., Visible-Light-Assisted Synthesis of Allylic Triflamides via Dual Acridinium/Co Catalysis, «ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS», 2022, 364, pp. 720 - 725 [Scientific article]

Jessen, Nicolaj Inunnguaq; Bura, Maksimilian; Bertuzzi, Giulio; Jørgensen, Karl Anker, Aminocatalytic [8+2] Cycloaddition Reactions toward Chiral Cyclazines, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2021, 60, pp. 18527 - 18531 [Scientific article]

Jessen N.I.; Bertuzzi G.; Bura M.; Skipper M.L.; Jorgensen K.A., Enantioselective Construction of the Cycl[3.2.2]azine Core via Organocatalytic [12 + 2] Cycloadditions, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2021, 143, pp. 6140 - 6151 [Scientific article]

Bertuzzi, Giulio; Cerveri, Alessandro; Lombardi, Lorenzo; Bandini, Marco, Tandem Functionalization‐Carboxylation Reactions of π‐Systems with CO 2, «CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY», 2021, 39, pp. 3116 - 3126 [Scientific article]

Bertuzzi G.; Silvestrini F.; Moimare P.; Pecorari D.; Mazzanti A.; Bernardi L.; Fochi M., Chemodivergent Preparation of Various Heterocycles via Phase-Transfer Catalysis: Enantioselective Synthesis of Functionalized Piperidines, «ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS», 2020, 362, pp. 1167 - 1175 [Scientific article]

Corti V.; Bertuzzi G., Organocatalytic Asymmetric Methodologies towards the Synthesis of Atropisomeric N-Heterocycles, «SYNTHESIS», 2020, 52, pp. 2450 - 2468 [Scientific article]

Bertuzzi G.; McLeod D.; Mohr L.-M.; Jorgensen K.A., Organocatalytic Enantioselective 1,3-Dipolar [6+4] Cycloadditions of Tropone, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2020, 26, pp. 15491 - 15496 [Scientific article]

Bertuzzi G.; Thogersen M.K.; Giardinetti M.; Vidal-Albalat A.; Simon A.; Houk K.N.; Jorgensen K.A., Catalytic Enantioselective Hetero-[6+4] and-[6+2] Cycloadditions for the Construction of Condensed Polycyclic Pyrroles, Imidazoles, and Pyrazoles, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2019, 141, pp. 3288 - 3297 [Scientific article]

Bisag G.D.; Pecorari D.; Mazzanti A.; Bernardi L.; Fochi M.; Bencivenni G.; Bertuzzi G.; Corti V., Central-to-Axial Chirality Conversion Approach Designed on Organocatalytic Enantioselective Povarov Cycloadditions: First Access to Configurationally Stable Indole–Quinoline Atropisomers, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2019, 25, pp. 15694 - 15701 [Scientific article]Open Access

Bertuzzi, Giulio; Pecorari, Daniel; Bernardi, Luca; Fochi, Mariafrancesca, An organocatalytic enantioselective direct alpha-heteroarylation of aldehydes with isoquinoline N-oxides, «CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS», 2018, 54, pp. 3977 - 3980 [Scientific article]

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