Foto del docente

Giulia Simonetti

Adjunct Professor

Department of Psychology


Simonetti, Giulia; Gitto, Stefano; Golfieri, Lucia; Gamal, Nesrine; Loggi, Elisabetta; Taruschio, Gianfranco; Cursaro, Carmela; Nunzella, Serena; Grandi, Silvana; Andreone, Pietro, Quality of life of hepatitis B virus surface antigen-positive patients with suppressed viral replication: comparison between inactive carriers and nucleot(s)ide analog-treated patients, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY», 2018, 30, pp. 14 - 20 [Scientific article]

Vitale, Giovanni; Simonetti, Giulia; Pirillo, Martina; Taruschio, Gianfranco; Andreone, Pietro, Bipolar and related disorders induced by sodium 4-phenylbutyrate in a male adolescent with bile salt export pump deficiency disease, «PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION», 2016, 13, pp. 580 - 582 [Scientific article]

Simonetti G; Vitale G; Taruschio G; Vukotic R; Gamal N; Pirillo L; Boncompagni G; Bernardi M; Andreone., Development of different psychiatric manifestations during antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C., «JOURNAL OF CASE REPORTS», 2014, 4, pp. 132 - 135 [Scientific article]

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