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Giulia Casu

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/03 Psychometrics


Nap H.H.; Hoefman R.; De Jong N.; Lovink L.; Glimmerveen L.; Lewis F.; Santini S.; D'Amen B.; Socci M.; Boccaletti L.; Casu G.; Manattini A.; Brolin R.; Sirk K.; Hlebec V.; Rakar T.; Hudobivnik T.; Leu A.; Berger F.; Magnusson L.; Hanson E., The awareness, visibility and support for young carers across Europe: A Delphi study, «BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH», 2020, 20, Article number: 921 , pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]Open Access

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