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Giovanni Zucchelli

Full Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry

Director of First Cycle Degree in Dental Hygiene


1. Gingival recessions and orthodontic therapy

2.Soft tissue augmentation in esthetic areas

3. Root coverage in esthetic areas

4. Multiple gingival recessions treatment

5. Soft tissue dehiscence around implant

6. Treatment of gingival recession in posterior area

7. Soft tissue augmentation in post- extractive site

8. Periodontal regeneration

9. Connective tissue graft substitutes

10. Immediate and delayed post-extractive implants

11. The use of local antibiotic in periodontal therapy

12. Postoperative morbidity after periodontal surgical therapy

13. Professional esthetic evaluation of root coverage procedures

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