Foto del docente

Giovanni Semprini

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/11 Building Physics and Building Energy Systems

Curriculum vitae

Associate professor, in HVAC and thermotechnical systems. deals with thermophysics and energy saving in construction and applied acoustics. He currently carries out research in the IEQ sector and in the optimization of HVAC and domestic hot water systems in buildings and their integration with renewable energy sources.


Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1988 at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna. PhD in Technical Physics in 1993.

Academic career

After a few years of contract teaching (from 1996 to 2000) for courses in  Mechanical Engineering at the University of Modena and in Building Engineering at the University of Bologna, he was a Research fellow and Assistant Professor in 1999 and from 2022 he is Associate Professor in the disciplinary sector ING IND / 11 at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna, with reference to the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN)

Teaching activity

Since 2000 he has been continuously teaching various courses for Master's degrees for the School of Engineering.

He is currently professor and lecturer in charge of the "Technical Systems (HVAC systems)" course for the Master Degree in Engineering-Architecture and for the Master Degree in Civil Engineering. He is lecturer in charge of course "Advanced Building Physics" for the Master degree in Architecture Engineering.  He has been lectures of Module 2 of the "Sustainability in Construction" course for the Civil Engineer course.

He was scientific coordinator and professor of the "Energetics in Buildings" inside the "Master in sustainable architecture" of the University of Bologna (from 2008/09 to 2014/15)

Scientific activity

The main scientific activities concern the following sectors: Theoretical and experimental analysis of the energy performance of the building-plant system. Energy audits on existing buildings. Energy performance of building components and ventilated facades. HVAC and DHW systems in buildings and integration with RES. Analysis of indoor air quality and ventilation in Buildings and in Electric veicle. Sustainability assessment. Noise from HVAC systems. Noise transmission in buildings and evaluation of flanking transmission.

He has participated in national and international research programs including: Research Project on Energy Saving of Buildings (PRIN 2003), and Project on Innovative Materials and Systems for Environmental Sustainability (PRIN 2007). European research projects "ABRACADABRA Project" (Horizon2020) (2016-2018), Pro-GET-onE (Horizon2020) (2017-2020), E-Safe (2021-2024).
Reviewer of international and Italian scientific Journals in the sector of energy saving of buildings and building acoustics

Author of over 150 publications

Institutional activities and academic assignments

Scientific leader (2016-2019) of the unit "Production and management of the building heritage: sustainability, safety and energy efficiency" of the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (CIRI) "Building & Construction" of the University of Bologna

Member of the Board of the Department for the period 2015-2018 and 2018-2021

Other activities

Effective member of the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AICARR) . Effective member of the Italian Acoustic Association (AIA).

President of the Association of Engineers and Architects of the Province of Bologna (2005 - 2018)