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Giorgio Grappi

Research fellow

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Abilitazione di seconda fascia settore concorsuale 14/A1 (Filosofia Politica) dal 06/09/2018 al 06/09/2024


November 2014-Present: Post-doc fellow, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna.

2013-present: Research assistant, Logistics as Global Governance Project – Labour, Softwares and Infrastrctures Along the New Silk Road, University of Western Sydney,Institute for Culture and Society.

2010-2012: Post-doc Fellow, Department of Politics, Institutions, History, University of Bologna.

2010-2012: Research team member, Mig@Net Project – Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender (FP7), Bologna team.

2008-2010: Independent contractor, Ge.M.IC. Project – Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interaction(FP7), Bologna team.

2008: Post-doc Fellow, Firpo Foudation, Turin. 


29/06/2007: Dottorato di Ricerca (PhD), University of Bologna. Title of the dissertation: The antifederalist ‘question' and the debate on the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, 1787-1788(La questione antifederalista e il dibattito sulla ratifica della costituzione degli Stati Uniti, 1787-1788.

19/03/2003: Laurea (BA) on Political Science, University of Bologna. Title of the dissertation: Non-liberal images of freedom in contemporary political though (Immagini non liberali della libertà nel pensiero politico contemporaneo). 


2008: Firpo Foudation, Turin, Post-Doctoral Fellowship (12 months).

2005: University of Bologna, Marco Polo Exchange Fellowship (3 months).

2004-2006: University of Bologna, Doctoral Fellowship (36 months). 

Visiting and other international experiences:

2011 (30 august – 17 october) : Visiting Fellow, Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (MCRG), Kolkata, India.

2011 (1-10 september): Kolkata Platform, Transit Labour (Culture in Transition: Creative Labour and Social Mobilities in the Asian Century) project.

2008 (1-15 december): Sixth Annual Winter School on Forced Migration, organised by the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (MCRG) and supported by the Government of Findland, the Brookings Institution and the UNHCR.

2008 (21 august – 15 november): Research Scholar, Barnard College in the City of New York, Department of History.

2005 (26 february – 30 July): Visiting Scholar, Columbia University in the city of New York, Department of History. 

Teaching experience:

a/a 2017/2018.: contract professor course Critical Theories of Contemporary Capitalism (6 CFU), curriculum Global Cultures, Università di Bologna a/a 2017/2018.

a7a 2017/2018: organizer workshop Politics of logistics, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna.

2016-2017: faculty, second cycle degree/master Global Cultures - GLOC, Università di Bologna, ( ).

2016: faculty, Kosmos Summer University Investigating logistics, Humboldt University, Berlin ( ).

2015-2016: faculty, master Studi del territorio – Environmental Humanities, Università Roma Tre ( ).

a.a. 2013-2014: co-organizer, workshop Migration and Citizenship, prof. Sandro Mezzadra, Università di Bologna, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche.

2008-2010: tutor, course Frontier of Citizenship, prof. Sandro Mezzadra, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna.

2007 and 2008: tutor E-Learning project, University of Bologna, Faculty of Political Science.

2007: tutor, third Summer School CISPEA, Bologna.

2006/2007: tutor, course History of Political Doctrines, prof. Raffaella Gherardi, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna.

2004/2005: tutor, course Sociology of Political Phenomenons, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna. 

Selected participation to workshops and conferences:


27 June-1 July – Logistical Worlds Collective Research & Meeting, Athens.


29-30 November – Logistical Worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour project Athens Meeting.

25-27 June – Crisis & Contingency: States of (In)stability, Council for European Studies Conference, Amsterdam. Paper Title: Between precarity and organization. Law, racism and struggles of migration in recent Italy(Panel on ‘ Including Migrant Workers Voice, Representing Migrant Workers Rights: Between Trade Union Action and Self Organization).

18 April – Transformation of the state/nation in the framework of the transatlantic history, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Bologna. Discussant.

31-31 January Migration and militant research PhD international conference, Goldsmiths College, London. Discussant (Panel on ‘ Borders as Method: Dislocating Citizenship and Autonomy')


17 April – Workshop on ‘The Border of Justice', Department of Politics, Institutions, History, Bologna. Chair.


8-10 September – Fourth Critical Studies Conference ‘Development, Logistics & Governance', Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, Kolkata. Paper title: Political Logistics and Indian (post)colonial State(Session on ‘Capitalism and State Formation').

3-4 March – Reading Michel Foucault in the Postcolonial Present: A Symposium, University of Bologna and the Finnish Academy, Bologna. Chair (Panel 3).


4 March – Thinking freedom (Pensare la libertà) Doctoral School in Political Philosophy Workshop, Padua. Paper title: Gli Anti-federalisti e il dibattito costituzionale statunitense (The Anti-federalists and the US constitutional debate). Session on ‘Libertà e proprietà nella rivoluzione americana' (Freedom and Propriety in the American Revolution).

20-21 May – Reconceptualizing Migration: Movements and Struggles, Facing the Global Crisis, Ge.M.IC. Conference, Bologna. Discussant (Panel 3).


24-26 June – Conspiracy and Consent in History and Culture, biennial Symposium of the Milan-Montpellier Group, Montpellier. Paper title: Conspiracy and the Founding: Moving from ‘Politics Out of Doors' to the ‘Political Arena'. Or: Conspiracy, the founding and the borders of legitimate politics.


17 December – Two Day Programme ‘Reading Franz Fanon in Kolkata', Kolkata. Discussant (Session II).


20-22 September – Second Critical Studies Conference on ‘Spheres of Justice', Kolkata. Rapporteur.


24-25-26 May – Workshop on ‘Figures of the Moltitude' (Figure della Moltitudine), University of Fisciano, Salerno. Paper Title: Moltitude, universality and contingency. The Radical Democracy Theory (Moltitudine, universalità e contingenza. Il pensiero della democrazia radicale).

Other relevant experiences:

Oct. 2007 – May 2008: research team member “Vivere sotto le due torri: come stanno I cittadini stranieri e Bologna e provincia?” (Living under the two towers: the wealth of foreign citizens in Bologna),Observatory on Immigration, Province of Bologna.

2006-2007: research team member Venire da lontano, lavorare vicini. Lavoro e migrazioni nelle fabbriche metalmeccaniche dell'Emilia Romagna” (Coming from faraway, working close. Labour and migration in the engineering factories of Emilia Romgna), FIOM-CGIL Emilia Romagna.

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