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Viceconti, M.; Hernandez Penna, S.; Dartee, W.; Mazzà, C.; Caulfield, B.; Becker, C.; Maetzler, W.; Garcia-Aymerich, J.; Davico, G.; Rochester, L. Toward a Regulatory Qualification of Real-World Mobility Performance Biomarkers in Parkinson’s Patients Using Digital Mobility Outcomes. Sensors 2020, 20, 5920.

Devaprakash, D., Obst, S., Lloyd, D.G., Barrett R.S., Kennedy, B., Ball, I., Adams, K.L., Collings, T.J., Davico, G., Hunter, A., Vlahovich, N., Pease, D.L., Pizzolato, C. (2020) The free Achilles tendon is shorter, stiffer, has larger cross-sectional area and longer T2* relaxation time in trained middle-distance runners compared to healthy controls. Frontiers in Physiology 11,

Killen, B.A., Pizzolato, C., Carty, C.P., Diamond, L.E., Modenese, L., Davico, G., Barzan, M, Brito da Luz, S., Suwarganda, E., Devaprakash D., Barrett, R.S., Saxby, D.J., Lloyd, D.G. (2020) Machine learning methods to support personalized neuromusculoskeletal modelling. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 19, 1169–1185.

Davico, G., Pizzolato, C., Lloyd, D.G., Obst, S.J., Walsh, H.P.J., Carty, C.P. (2020) Increasing level of neuromusculoskeletal model personalisation to investigate joint contact forces in cerebral palsy: a twin case study. Clinical Biomechanics 72, 141-149.

Davico, G., Pizzolato, C., Killen, B.A., Barzan M., Suwarganda E.K., Lloyd D.G., Carty C.P. (2020) Best methods and data to reconstruct paediatric lower limb bones for musculoskeletal modelling. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 19, 1225–1238.

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