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Gianni Lorenzoni

Professor emeritus

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna


Garnsey E.; G. Lorenzoni; S. Ferriani, Speciation through entrepreneurial spin-off: The Acorn-ARM story, «RESEARCH POLICY», 2008, 37, pp. 210 - 224 [Scientific article]

Ferriani S.; Garnsey E.; Lorenzoni G., Imprinting, Deprinting, Reimprinting: A Process Theory of Intergenerational Learning and Spinoff Entry, in: Working Paper Collection of the Centre for Technology Management (, CAMBRIDGE, Centre for Technology Management, 2007(atti di: Centre for Technology Management, Cambridge, //) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

E.Garnsey; G.Lorenzoni; S.Ferriani, Multi-Generational Problem-Solving in Entrepreneurial Companies and the Application of Technology to a New Domain, in: EGOS, s.l, s.n, 2005(atti di: 21st EGOS COLLOQUIUM, Berlin, June 30 – July 2, 2005) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

A. Lipparini; G. Lorenzoni, Organizing Around Strategic Relationships: Networks of Suppliers as Knowledge generators in the Italian Motorcycle Industry, in: K.O. COOL J.E. HENDERSON R. ABATE, Restructuring Strategy, OXFORD, Blackwell, 2005, pp. 44 - 67 [Chapter or essay]

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