Foto del docente

Gianluca Giacchi

PhD Student

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis



Cordero, E., Giacchi, G. Quasi-Banach algebras and Wiener properties for pseudodifferential and generalized metaplectic operators. JPDO 14, 9 (2023)

E. Cordero, G. Giacchi. "Symplectic Analysis of Time-Frequency Spaces", JMPA 177 (2023) 154–177

E. Cordero, G. Giacchi. "Metaplectic Gabor Frames and Symplectic Analysis of Time-Frequency Spaces", ACHA, 68 (2024) 101594.


E. Cordero, G. Giacchi, L. Rodino. "Wigner Analysis of Operators. Part II: Schrödinger equations", 
arXiv:2208.00505 [(TBA)]. 

G. Giacchi. "Metaplectic Wigner Distributions", arXiv:2212.06818 [(TBA)]. 

G. Giacchi, B. Milani, B. Franceschiello. "On the determination of optimal tuning parameters for a space-variant LASSO problem using geometric and convex analysis techniques", arXiv:2301.09083 [(TBA)]

E. Cordero, G. Giacchi. "Metaplectic Gabor Frames of Wigner-Decomposable Distributions" [TBA - see arXiv]

E. Cordero, G. Giacchi. "Excursus on modulation spaces via metaplectic operators and related time-frequency representations". [(TBA)]

E. Cordero, G. Giacchi, L. Rodino. "Wigner Representation of Schrödinger Propagator" [(TBA)]