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Gianluca Faggioli

Full Professor

Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES

Academic discipline: MED/22 Vascular Surgery



Gallitto E.; Faggioli G.; Ancetti S.; Pini R.; Mascoli C.; Sonetto A.; Calculli L.; Pezzilli R.; Gargiulo M., The Clinical Impact of Splanchnic Ischemia on Patients Affected by Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms Treated with Fenestrated and Branched Endografts, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2019, 59, pp. 102 - 109 [Scientific article]

Pini, Rodolfo; Faggioli, Gianluca*; Gargiulo, Mauro; Gallitto, Enrico; Cacioppa, Laura M; Vacirca, Andrea; Pisano, Emilio; Pilato, Alessandro; Stella, Andrea, The different scenarios of urgent carotid revascularization for crescendo and single transient ischemic attack, «VASCULAR», 2019, 27, pp. 51 - 59 [Scientific article]

Gallitto, E; Gargiulo, M; Freyrie, A; Mascoli, C; Massoni Bianchini, C; Ancetti, S; Faggioli, G; Stella, A, The endovascular treatment of juxta-renal abdominal aortic aneurysm using fenestrated endograft: early and mid-term results, «JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY», 2019, 60, pp. 237 - 244 [Scientific article]

Vacirca, Andrea; Faggioli, Gianluca*; Pini, Rodolfo; Gallitto, Enrico; Mascoli, Chiara; Cacioppa, Laura Maria; Gargiulo, Mauro; Stella, Andrea, The Outcome of Technical Intraoperative Complications Occurring in Standard Aortic Endovascular Repair, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2019, 56, pp. 153 - 162 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gallitto E.; Faggioli G.; Pini R.; Mascoli C.; Freyrie A.; Vento V.; Ancetti S.; Stella A.; Gargiulo M., Total Endovascular Repair of Contained Ruptured Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2019, 58, pp. 211 - 221 [Scientific article]

Ciavarella C, Sonetto A, Abhualin M, Gallitto E, Faggioli GL, Gargiulo M, Pasquinelli G, Vascular MSCs govern the atherosclerotic plaque calcification under inflammatory conditions, in: European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, 2019(atti di: European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, Strasbourg, France, October 1-19, 2019) [Poster]

Massoni, Claudio Bianchini*; Mascoli, Chiara; Perini, Paolo; Tecchio, Tiziano; Gallitto, Enrico; Azzarone, Matteo; Gargiulo, Mauro; Freyrie, Antonio; Faggioli, Gianluca; Stella, Andrea, Endovascular treatments for type Ib endoleaks after aorto-iliac aneurysms exclusion: Mid-term results, «INTERNATIONAL ANGIOLOGY», 2018, 37, pp. 384 - 389 [Scientific article]

Mascoli c, lomazzi c, gallitto e, pini r, fenelli c, goretti m, faggioli gl, stella a, trimarchi s, gargiulo m, EVAR does not have worse outcomes in women, in: Ed. RM Grenhalgh, Vascular and Endovascular Consensus Update. 40 yesrs of looking foward, LONDRA, BIBA Publishing, 2018, pp. 197 - 204 [Chapter or essay]

Gallitto, Enrico*; Faggioli, Gianluca; Mascoli, Chiara; Pini, Rodolfo; Ancetti, Stefano; Vacirca, Andrea; Stella, Andrea; Gargiulo, Mauro, Impact of previous open aortic repair on the outcome of thoracoabdominal fenestrated and branched endografts, «JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 68, pp. 1667 - 1675 [Scientific article]

Zazzeroni, L; Faggioli, G; Pasquinelli, G., Mechanisms of Arterial Calcification: The Role of Matrix Vesicles, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, pii: S1078-5884(17)30734-7, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Abualhin, Mohammad*; Sonetto, Alessia; Faggioli, Gianluca; Mirelli, Michele; Freyrie, Antonio; Gallitto, Enrico; Spath, Paolo; Stella, Andrea; Gargiulo, Mauro, Outcomes of Duplex-Guided Paramalleolar and Inframalleolar Bypass in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 53, pp. 154 - 164 [Scientific article]

Gallitto, E; Gargiulo, M; Mascoli, C; Freyrie, A; De Matteis, M; Serra, C; Bianchini Massoni, C; Faggioli, G; Stella, A, Persistent type II endoleak after EVAR: the predictive value of the AAA thrombus volume, «JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 59, pp. 79 - 86 [Scientific article]

Gallitto, Enrico; Faggioli, Gianluca; Gargiulo, Mauro; Freyrie, Antonio; Pini, Rodolfo; Mascoli, Chiara; Ancetti, Stefano; Vento, Vincenzo; Stella, Andrea, Planning, Execution, and Follow-up for Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair Using a Highly Restrictive Iodinated Contrast Protocol in Patients with Severe Renal Disease, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 47, pp. 205 - 211 [Scientific article]

Gallitto, Enrico*; Faggioli, Gianluca; Pini, Rodolfo; Mascoli, Chiara; Ancetti, Stefano; Abualhin, Mohammad; Stella, Andrea; Gargiulo, Mauro, Renal Artery Orientation Influences the Renal Outcome in Endovascular Thoraco-abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 56, pp. 382 - 390 [Scientific article]

Gallitto, E; Gargiulo, M; Faggioli, G; Sonetto, A; Mascoli, C; Pini, R; Abualhin, M; Stella, A, Renal Fenestration Closure Technique in fenestrated endovascular repair for para-renal aortic aneurysm, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, 49, pp. 317.e9 - 317.e14 [Scientific article]

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