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Gianluca Faggioli

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Medicina Specialistica, Diagnostica e Sperimentale

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/22 CHIRURGIA VASCOLARE



Pini R.; Faggioli G.; Muscari A.; Rocchi C.; Palermo S.; Vacirca A.; Gallitto E.; Gargiulo M., Carotid Endarterectomy is often not Possible after an Unheralded Stroke: Unheralded Stroke in Carotid Artery Stenosis, «JOURNAL OF STROKE AND CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES», 2021, 30, pp. 105594 - 105599 [articolo]

Fenelli C.; Faggioli G.; Gallitto E.; Mascoli C.; Pini R.; Gargiulo M., “Flaring-Kissing Ballooning” of the Stentgrafts in Fenestrated Endograft Procedures to Ensure Target Visceral Vessels Patency, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2021, 70, pp. 567.e7 - 567.e11 [articolo]

Sonetto A.; Faggioli G.; Pini R.; Abualhin M.; Goretti M.; Fronterre S.; Pini A.; Gargiulo M., Kissing Stent Technique for TASC C-D Lesions of Common Iliac Arteries: Clinical and Anatomical Predictors of Outcome, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2021, 71, pp. 288 - 297 [articolo]

Mauro R.; Pini A.; Pini R.; Abualhin M.; Mascoli C.; La Manna G.; Chiocchini A.L.; Donati G.; Faggioli G.; Gargiulo M., Outcomes of radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula in octogenarians, «JOURNAL OF VASCULAR ACCESS», 2021, Jul 28, pp. 1 - 7 [articolo]

Gallitto, Enrico; Faggioli, Gianluca; Pini, Rodolfo; Logiacco, Antonino; Mascoli, Chiara; Fenelli, Cecilia; Abualhin, Mohammad; Gargiulo, Mauro, Proximal Aortic Coverage and Clinical Results of the Endovascular Repair of Juxta-/Para-renal and Type IV Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm with Custom-made Fenestrated Endografts, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2021, 73, pp. 397 - 406 [articolo]

Pini R.; Faggioli G.; Vacirca A.; Dieng M.; Goretti M.; Gallitto E.; Mascoli C.; Ricco J.-B.; Gargiulo M., The benefit of deferred carotid revascularization in patients with moderate-severe disabling cerebral ischemic stroke, «JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2021, 73, pp. 117 - 124 [articolo]

Mauro R.; Rocchi C.; Vasuri F.; Pini A.; Croci Chiocchini A.L.; Ciavarella C.; La Manna G.; Pasquinelli G.; Faggioli G.; Gargiulo M., Tissue Ki67 proliferative index expression and pathological changes in hemodialysis arteriovenous fistulae: Preliminary single-center results, «JOURNAL OF VASCULAR ACCESS», 2021, Jul 24, pp. 1 - 6 [articolo]

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Faggioli G.; Pini R.; Gallitto E.; Mascoli C.; Gargiulo M., Commentary: How Old Is Too Old for EVAR?, «JOURNAL OF ENDOVASCULAR THERAPY», 2020, 27, pp. 845 - 847 [articolo]

Faggioli G.; Abualhin M.; Vacirca A.; Gargiulo M., Commentary: Investigating and Predicting the Fate of Infrapopliteal Arterial Disease After Endovascular Treatment, «JOURNAL OF ENDOVASCULAR THERAPY», 2020, 27, pp. 581 - 583 [articolo]

Vento V.; Faggioli G.; Ancetti S.; Sonetto A.; Dieng M.; Mirelli M.; Gargiulo M., Cystic Adventitial Disease of the Popliteal Artery: Radical Surgical Treatment After Several Failed Approaches. A Case Report and Review of the Literature, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2020, 64, pp. e5 - e11 [articolo]

Pini R.; Ciavarella C.; Faggioli G.; Gallitto E.; Indelicato G.; Fenelli C.; Mascoli C.; Vacirca A.; Gargiulo M.; Pasquinelli G., Different Drugs Effect on Mesenchymal Stem Cells Isolated From Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2020, 67, pp. 490 - 496 [nota a sentenza]

Vasuri F, Ciavarella C, Fittipaldi S, Pini R, Vacirca A, Gargiulo M, Faggioli G, Pasquinelli G, Different histological types of active intraplaque calcification underlie alternative miRNA-mRNA axes in carotid atherosclerotic disease, «VIRCHOWS ARCHIV», 2020, 476, pp. 307 - 316 [articolo]

Gallitto, Enrico; Faggioli, Gianluca; Giordano, Jacopo; Pini, Rodolfo; Mascoli, Chiara; Fenelli, Cecilia; Abualhin, Mohammad; Ancetti, Stefano; Logiacco, Antonino; Gargiulo, Mauro, Early and Mid-term Efficacy of Fenestrated Endograft in the Treatment of Juxta-Renal Aortic Aneurysms, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2020, 66, pp. 132 - 141 [articolo]

Palermo S.; Faggioli G.; Ancetti S.; Gallitto E.; Logiacco A.; Pini R.; Gargiulo M., Endovascular Repair of a Common Carotid Artery Perforation during Pacemaker Insertion, «ANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY», 2020, 68, pp. 568.11 - 568.e15 [articolo]

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