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Giambattista De Ghetto

Adjunct professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Curriculum vitae

Giambattista De Ghetto was born in Borca di Cadore - Italy in 1953 and graduated in chemical engineering at Padua University in 1977.

1978-1979 Officer in alpine troops (“Alpini”)

1979-1992 He joined Agip Mineraria and then held various positions world-wide in well design, oil& gas production and reservoir management

1993-1996 Manager of production facilities R&D – Agip

1997-2002 Manager of Technology Planning - Eni

2003-2006 Managing Director of Eni Tunisia

2006-2008 Managing Director of Eni Algeria

2008-2011 SVP Research and Technology Development - Eni

2012-2013 SVP of Health, Safety and Environment - Eni

2014-2015 SVP of Energy efficiency - Eni

2015-2016 EVP of Development, Operation and Technology – Eni. Retired from Eni on July 2016.

2014 Professor at Polytechnic of Milan.

He has taught Petroleum Engineering at the Parma University and has been world-wide distinguished lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as well as Director of SPE’s South and East Europe.

He has been chairman or guest speaker at several international conferences of the upstream oil industry.

De Ghetto is the author of various patents and 40+ publications on reservoir, well design, production, facilities, offshore developments, HSE and technology deployment.

The complete list of patents and publications can be found in Linkedin, here below the last works are reported.

Last 2 patents:

- Method for the simultaneous re-injection without compressors of low-pressure gas and water in partially exhausted reservoirs with generation of electric power from re-pressurized gas (2014).

- Apparatus and process for carriage and recovery of hydrocarbons from a subsea well or a subsea pipeline in blow out conditions (2012).

Last 3 articles:

- Energy Efficiency Methodologies and Innovative Applications in the Upstream Sector.

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, Abu Dhabi, November 2015

- Deploying a solar hybrid technology in a remote oil&gas production site.

Grand Renewable Energy, International Conference and Exhibition, Tokyo, July 2014

- Evaluating reputational risk and implications of a major accident hazard in e&p activities: a qualitative methodology. SPE International Conference on HSE, Long Beach, USA, March 2014

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