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Requirements on laptop use in class

During laboratory classes, you are asked to develop C++ code based on ROOT [].

You are allowed to use your own laptop, provided you have installed:

    we'll neither compile sources nor build binaries in the classes, but an efficient code editor is recommended, such as Visual Studio Code, NotePad++, Emacs, XCode, DevC++, ...
  • ROOT with RooStats and TMVA features enabled


Which ROOT?

ROOT is available on Linux, Mac, and (as a beta release) on Windows. The most recent ROOT release is always recommended to get the latest bug fixes and new features.

Beyond that, any version of ROOT with RooStats and TMVA features enabled is generally enough to complete the assignments of this course.

  • Root 6.xx is anyway recommended for supporting the Modern C++ (C++11 or above) and for a new C++ interpreter.
  • Root 5.34 can be a fast fallback option for users running 32-bit version of Windows or Windows 7/8/8.1 . However, you are forced to not experience the Modern C++. 

Note that some installation might not have RooStats and TMVA features enabled, follow this link for ROOT Installation with RooStats and TMVA. []

IT IS UP TO YOU TO VERIFY that ROOT is installed with working RooStats and TMVA features

A) Procedure to check RooFit/RooStats

  1. Run ROOT
  2. write:  root[] RooWorkspace w
  3. check the response is RooFit v3.xx -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby

B) Procedure to check RooFit/RooStats

  1. Run ROOT.
  2. a) if ROOT version is 6.xx write    root[] TMVA::TMVAGui()
    b) if ROOT version is 5.34 write    root[] .x $(ROOTSYS)/tmva/test/TMVAGui.C
  3. check the response is 

    --- Launch TMVA GUI to view input file: TMVA.root
    Error in <TFile::TFile>: file TMVA.root does not exist
    ==> Abort TMVAGui, please verify filename

    the message "Error in <TFile:: ...." is expected
    and it means that TMVA works!!!



(still to be translated to English)

Durante le sessioni di esercizi è importante accedere a risorse su internet. Per evitare inconvenienti dovuti alla connessione di rete si consiglia vivamente di scaricare localmente nel proprio portatile i seguenti documenti:

  • ROOT User's Guide [] []
  • ROOT Class reference [] [] disponibile qui: ROOT 5.34.26 classes html documentation compressed tar [] file [] (885 MB).
  • Introduction to RooFit [] []
  • Roofit Manual [] []

  • TMVA Manual []


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