Foto del docente

Franco Callegati

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/03 Telecommunications


F. Callegati; W.Cerroni; C. Raffaelli, Routing Techniques in Optical Packet-Switched Networks, in: MARIAN MARCIANIAK, ICTON 2005, WARSAW, National Institute of Telecommunications, transmis, 2005, 1, pp. 175 - 178 [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. Neri; F. Callegati; P. Poggiolini, The Network of Excellence e-Photon/ONe, in: A Review of Major International Programmes in Optical Network Architectures, S.N., s.n, 2005, We1.1(atti di: 31st European Conference on Optical Communications, Glasgow, Scotland, 25-29 Settembre 2005) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. Callegati; W. Cerroni; G. Muretto; C. Raffaelli; P. Zaffoni, Adaptive Routing in DWDM Optical Packet Switched Network, in: M. PICKAVET, P. DEMEESTER, P. VAN DAELE, D. COLLE, Proceedings of ONDM 2004, GENT, s.n., 2004, pp. 71 - 86 [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. Callegati; D. Careglio; W. Cerroni; C. Raffaelli; J. Solé-Pareta; P. Zaffoni, Keeping the Packet Sequence in Optical Packet-Switched Networks, in: Proceedings of NOC 2004, EINDHOVEN, Technical University of Eindhoven, 2004, pp. 443 - 450 (atti di: 9th European Conference on Networks & Optical Communications (NOC 2004), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 29/06-01/07/2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. Callegati; W. Cerroni; G. Muretto; C. Raffaelli; P. Zaffoni, QoS Routing in DWDM Optical Packet Networks, in: QUALITY OF SERVICE IN THE EMERGING NETWORKING PANORAMA, PROCEEDINGS, Berlin, Springer, 2004, 3266, pp. 247 - 256 (atti di: 5th International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, September 29 - October 1, 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. CALLEGATI; C. DEVELDER; W. CERRONI; M. PICKAVET; CORAZZA G.; P. DEMEESTER, Scheduling Algorithms for a Slotted Packet Switch with either Fixed or Variable Length Packets, «PHOTONIC NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS», 2004, 8, pp. 163 - 176 [Scientific article]

F. CALLEGATI; M. CASONI; RAFFAELLI C., TCP/IP Performance over Optical Networks, in: M. HASSAN; R. JAIN, High Performance TCP/IP Networking, UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004, pp. 185 - 205 (Pearson education) [Chapter or essay]

F. CALLEGATI; W. CERRONI; RAFFAELLI C.; P. ZAFFONI, Wavelength and time domain exploitation for QoS management in optical packet switches, «COMPUTER NETWORKS», 2004, 44, pp. 570 - 582 [Scientific article]

F. Callegati, e-Photon ONE: Key Issues for Core Photonic Network Research, in: Broadband Europe 2004, s.l, s.n, 2004(atti di: Broadband Europe, Brugge, Belgium, 8-10 Dicembre 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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