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Francesco Zerbetto

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/02 Physical Chemistry


Kalman Toth;Jennifer K. Molloy;Micaela Matta;Benoît Heinrich;Daniel Guillon;Giacomo Bergamini;Francesco Zerbetto;Bertrand Donnio;Paola Ceroni;Delphine Felder-Flesch, A Strongly Emitting Liquid-Crystalline Derivative of Y3N@C80: Bright and Long-Lived Near-IR Luminescence from a Charge Transfer State, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2013, 52, pp. 12303 - 12307 [Scientific article]

W. Xu; L. Feng; M. Calvaresi; J. Liu; Y. Liu; B. Niu; Z. Shi; Y. Lian; F. Zerbetto, An Experimentally Observed Trimetallofullerene Sm3@Ih-C80: Encapsulation of Three Metal Atoms in a Cage without a Nonmetallic Mediator, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2013, 135, pp. 4187 - 4190 [Scientific article]

Lugli Francesca; Fioravanti Giulia; Pattini Denise; Pasquali Luca; Montecchi Monica; Gentili Denis; Murgia Mauro; Hemmatian Zahra; Cavallini Massimiliano; Zerbetto Francesco, And Yet it Moves Microfluidics Without Channels and Troughs, «ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS», 2013, 23, pp. 5543 - 5549 [Scientific article]

F. Giangreco; E. Yamamoto; Y. Hirano; M. Hodoscek; V. Knecht; M. di Giosia; M. Calvaresi; F. Zerbetto; K. Yasuoka; T. Narumi; M. Yasui; S. Höfinger, Common force field thermodynamics of cholesterol, «THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL», 2013, 2013, Article number: 207287 , pp. 1 - 7 [Scientific article]

Francesco Zerbetto, Review of: Life's Ratchet. How Molecular Machines Extract Order from Chaos, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2013, 52, pp. 7917 - 7917 [Review]

M. Calvaresi; G. Falini; L. Pasquini; M. Reggi; S. Fermani; G. C. Gazzadi; S. Frabboni; F. Zerbetto, Morphological and mechanical characterization of composite calcite/SWCNT-COOH single crystals, «NANOSCALE», 2013, 5, pp. 6944 - 6949 [Scientific article]

Zerbetto f, Reverse Engineering of Monolayers and Nanopatterns, «ADVANCED MATERIALS», 2013, 25, pp. 449 - 455 [Scientific article]

M. Calvaresi; M. Quintana; P. Rudolf; F. Zerbetto; M. Prato, Rolling up a Graphene Sheet, «CHEMPHYSCHEM», 2013, 14, pp. 3447 - 3453 [Scientific article]

M. Calvaresi; F. Zerbetto, The devil and holy water: Protein and carbon nanotube hybrids, «ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH», 2013, 46, pp. 2454 - 2463 [Scientific article]

M. Quintana; M. Grzelczak; K. Spyrou; M. Calvaresi; S. Bals ; B. Kooi; G. Van Tendeloo; P. Rudolf; F. Zerbetto; M. Prato, A Simple Road for the Transformation of Few-Layer Graphene into MWNTs, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2012, 134, pp. 13310 - 13315 [Scientific article]

Andujar SA.; Lugli F.; Hoefinger S.; Enriz R. D.; Zerbetto F., Amyloid-beta fibril disruption by C60-molecular guidance for rational drug design, «PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2012, 14, pp. 8599 - 8607 [Scientific article]

FERMANI S.; TRIVELLI X.; SPARLA F.; THUMIGER A.; CALVARESI M.; MARRI L.; FALINI G.; ZERBETTO F.; TROST P., Conformational selection and folding-upon-binding of intrinsically disordered protein CP12 regulate photosynthetic enzymes assembly, «THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY», 2012, 287, pp. 21372 - 21383 [Scientific article]

Chamberlain T.W.; Pfeiffer R.; Howells J.; Peterlik H.; Kuzmany H.; Krautler B.; Da Ros T.; Melle-Franco M.; Zerbetto F.; Milic D.; Khlobystov, A.N., Engineering molecular chains in carbon nanotubes, «NANOSCALE», 2012, 4, pp. 7540 - 7548 [Scientific article]

Acocella A.; Jones G.A.; Zerbetto F., Excitation Energy Transfer and Low-Efficiency Photolytic Splitting of Water Ice by Vacuum UV Light, «THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS», 2012, 3, pp. 3610 - 3615 [Scientific article]

Hofinger S.; Acocella A.; Pop S.C.; Narumi T.; Yasuoka K.; Beu T.; Zerbetto F., GPU-accelerated computation of electron transfer, «JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY», 2012, 33, pp. 2351 - 2356 [Scientific article]

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