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Francesco Ravanini

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

First cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Entanglement and Tolman paradox
  • Integrabilità di Automi Cellulari Classici e Introduzione agli Automi Cellulari Quantistici
  • Quantum Information and Quantum Communication Theory in relation to black hole idealized mechanical models
  • Studio di alcuni modelli di catene di spin esattamente solubili
  • Teoria ed esperimenti sull'entanglement quantistico: dal Paradosso EPR al Premio Nobel ad Aspect, Clauser e Zeilinger

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Diagrammatic encoding of sine-Gordon model TBA equations
  • Entanglement entropy in the hopping and SSH model.
  • Frustrated XYZ spin-1/2 chain and its continuum limit
  • Integrable Structures in Resurgent Quantum Mechanics and Wall-crossing
  • On the Generalized Hydrodynamics of Integrable Quantum Field Theories with Irrelevant Deformations
  • Small coupling limit of quantum Sine-Gordon theory and supersymmetric gauge theories
  • Y-Systems And Wall Crossing

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