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Francesco Paolucci

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SECS-P/03 Public Economics

Short Bio

Dr Francesco Paolucci is Professor of Health Economics & Policy at the Faculty of Business & Law, University of Newcastle, Australia and at the School of Economics & Management, University of Bologna, Italy.

Former Chief Advisor Health Reforms to Minister of Health in Chile, and member of Italian Technical Committee for Allocation of National Health Budget. He was Head of Health Policy at Sir Walter Murdoch of Public Policy and International Affairs, Murdoch University, Perth Australia.

Over the last decade has published in the areas of public policy, economics and management focussing on healthcare nationally and internationally. This includes one single-authored book and three edited issues in peer reviewed journals, over 55 academic peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and book reviews. Over 15 years of engagement in health economics, policy and management in various countries (Austria, Australia, Chile, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA).

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Office hours

Ricevimento il mercoledì dalle 11.45 alle 13.45 in Piazza Scaravilli 2 oppure tramite appuntamento da concordare via email.

Students are welcome to meet me between 11.45 and 13.45 in Piazza Scaravilli 2 or to make appointments via email.

Per l'anno accademico 2018-19, il primo blocco di lezioni sara' tra il 25 febbraio 2019 e il 10 marzo 2019.

Il secondo blocco (anche questo della durata complessiva approssimativamente di 3 settimane) sara' discusso in classe e annunciato a breve.

For the academic year 2018-19, the first block of lectures will be between the 25th of February 2019 and the 10th of March 2019.

The second block (also of approximately three weeks) will be discussed in class and announced in due course.