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Francesco Lora

Research fellow

Department of the Arts

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He graduated in the DAMS programme and obtained his PhD in Musicology and Musical Heritage (University of Bologna). He was a research fellow in a project on the music collection of the Sienese Opera della Metropolitana (University of Siena), and he is corrently a research fellow in a second one one that of the Bolognese Basilica di San Francesco (University of Bologna). Together with Elisabetta Pasquini he is in charge with the series «Tesori musicali emiliani» (Bologna, Ut Orpheus), in which he publishes the critical editions of the Complete Sacred Music for Ferdinando de’ Medici by Perti (2010-11) and oratorios by Colonna (La profezia d’Eliseo, L’Assalonne, Il Mosè and La caduta di Gierusalemme (2013-21). Among his works, the monograph Nel teatro del Principe (on the operas by Perti for Pratolino; Bologna-Turin, 2016) and the critical edition of the Viennese manuscript Austriaco laureato Apollini (music by Lazzari, Perroni and Veracini; Padua, 2016). He is a collaborator in The Cambridge Handel EncyclopediaDizionario biografico degli ItalianiGrove Music Online and MGG. In 2020 he was awarded the Gaiatto Prize from Fondazione Levi, Venice. Go to the Curriculum vitae



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