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Francesca Starita

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/02 Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology

Short Bio

I am an Assistant Professor at the Psychology Department of the University of Bologna and member of the Neuroscience of Motivation, Decision and Learning Group located at the Center for Studies and Research in Cognitive Neuroscience.

My research concerns the psychophysiological and neural bases of human, motivation, reinforcement learning and affective processing, with a particular focus on fear and pain.

I use a multimodal approach to conduct my research, combining behavioral, psychophysiological (e.g. skin conductance, electromyography, eye tracking) measures, neuroimaging (EEG) and neuromodulation (TMS), both in healthy participants and in patients with brain injury.

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Dipartimento di Psicologia "Renzo Canestrari"
Piazza Aldo Moro 90, Cesena - Go to map

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Meetings with students can be held in person or online on Microsoft Teams. Students should contact me in advance through email to set a time for the meeting.

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