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Flavia Piancazzo


Dipartimento di Scienze per la Qualità della Vita

Curriculum vitae

Flavia Piancazzo is a PhD candidate at the Department of Science and Culture of Well-Being and Lifestyles Doctoral Program at the University of Bologna.

Her research topic is about the relationship between fashion and society, with a focus on cultural appropriation and racism in the Cultural Industry. In particular, the aim of her research is to investigate the thin line among the concepts of cultural appropriation and inspiration, racism and provocation in fashion.

Previously, she was assistant for the Transfashional exhibition, an educational and exhibitive project conceived on the initiative of the A Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw and University of Applied Arts in Vienna and supported by Universities from all over the World, which took place in 2019 in the City Museum of Rimini, Modern Hall, with the support of the University of Bologna - Rimini Campus.

In 2016, she obtained the BA degree in Culture e Tecniche della Moda, Fashion Culture and Techniques, (University of Bologna - Rimini Campus), with a dissertation about fashion and social integration, followed by a Master’s Degree in Fashion Culture (University of Bologna - Rimini Campus) in 2019 with a final dissertation titled Is the unkindness in the eye of the beholder? The thin line between cultural appropriation and inspiration, racism and provocation in fashion: a path and a proposal for a possible solution, awarded with the "Cultura d'impresa" prize for the best graduation project.

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