Foto del docente

Filippo Nicolini

PhD Student

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology


Nicolini F.; Ghiselli F.; Luchetti A.; Milani L., Bivalves as Emerging Model Systems to Study the Mechanisms and Evolution of Sex Determination: A Genomic Point of View, «GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION», 2023, 15, Article number: evad181 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Nicolini F.; Martelossi J.; Forni G.; Savojardo C.; Mantovani B.; Luchetti A., Comparative genomics of Hox and ParaHox genes among major lineages of Branchiopoda with emphasis on tadpole shrimps, «FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION», 2023, 11, Article number: 1046960 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]Open Access

Martelossi J.; Nicolini F.; Subacchi S.; Pasquale D.; Ghiselli F.; Luchetti A., Multiple and diversified transposon lineages contribute to early and recent bivalve genome evolution, «BMC BIOLOGY», 2023, 21, Article number: 145 , pp. 1 - 23 [Scientific article]Open Access

Forni G.; Cussigh A.; Brock P.D.; Jones B.R.; Nicolini F.; Martelossi J.; Luchetti A.; Mantovani B., Taxonomic revision of the Australian stick insect genus Candovia (Phasmida: Necrosciinae): insight from molecular systematics and species-delimitation approaches, «ZOOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY», 2023, 197, pp. 189 - 210 [Scientific article]Open Access

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