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Federico Magnani

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari

Settore scientifico disciplinare: AGR/05 ASSESTAMENTO FORESTALE E SELVICOLTURA


Ventura M.; Panzacchi P.; Muzzi E.; Magnani F.; Tonon G., Carbon balance and soil carbon input in a poplar short rotation coppice plantation as affected by nitrogen and wood ash application, «NEW FORESTS», 2019, 50, pp. 969 - 990 [articolo]

Ravaioli D.; Ferretti F.; Magnani F., Disentangling the effects of age and global change on douglas fir growth, «IFOREST», 2019, 12, pp. 246 - 253 [articolo]Open Access

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Gentilesca, Tiziana ; Rita, Angelo ; Brunetti, Michele ; Giammarchi, Francesco ; Leonardi, Stefano ; Magnani, Federico ; van Noije, Twan ; Tonon, Giustino ; Borghetti, Marco, Nitrogen deposition outweighs climatic variability in driving annual growth rate of canopy beech trees: Evidence from long-term growth reconstruction across a geographic gradient, «GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY», 2018, 24, pp. 2898 - 2912 [articolo]

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Thum, Tea; Zaehle, Sönke; Köhler, Philipp; Aalto, Tuula; Aurela, Mika; Guanter, Luis; Kolari, Pasi; Laurila, Tuomas; Lohila, Annalea; Magnani, Federico; Van Der Tol, Christiaan; Markkanen, Tiina, Modelling sun-induced fluorescence and photosynthesis with a land surface model at local and regional scales in northern Europe, «BIOGEOSCIENCES», 2017, 14, pp. 1969 - 1984 [articolo]Open Access

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Verrelst, Jochem; van der Tol, Christiaan; Magnani, Federico; Sabater, Neus; Rivera, Juan Pablo; Mohammed, Gina; Moreno, Jose, Evaluating the predictive power of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to estimate net photosynthesis of vegetation canopies: A SCOPE modeling study, «REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT», 2016, 176, pp. 139 - 151 [articolo]

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Bagnara, M.; Sottocornola, M.; Cescatti, A.; Minerbi, S.; Montagnani, L.; Gianelle, D.; Magnani, F., Bayesian optimization of a Light Use Efficiency model for the estimation of daily gross primary productivity in a range of Italian forest ecosystems, «ECOLOGICAL MODELLING», 2015, 306, pp. 57 - 66 [articolo]

Verrelst, J.; Rivera, J. P.; van der Tol, C.; Magnani, Federico; Mohammed, G.; Moreno, J., Global sensitivity analysis of the SCOPE model: What drives simulated canopy-leaving sun-induced fluorescence?, «REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT», 2015, 166, pp. 8 - 21 [articolo]

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