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Federico Lucchi

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/08 Geochemistry and Volcanology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Geology and Territory


1. Geological mapping and stratigraphic analysis of Mediterranean and extra-Mediterranean volcanic areas through the primary adoption of Unconformity-Bounded Units (UBU), lithostratigraphic units, lithosomes and eruption units

2. Stratigraphic and volcanological analysis of pyroclastic successions and lithofacies analysis aimed at defining the eruptive dynamics and mechanisms of transportation and emplacement in the frame of volcanic hazard evaluation

3. Recognition of volcano-tectonic collapses and reconstruction of their trigger mechanisms

4. Tephrostratigraphy in the souther Tyrrhenian area aimed at defining large scale correlations among subaerial and submerged areas and paleoclimatic studies

5. Study of the interplay between volcanism, sea-level fluctuations and crustal vertical movements during the late Pleistocene in volcanic islands

6. Characteristics and evolution of the magmatic plumbing system of volcanic edifices

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