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Federica Ferrari

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Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-LIN/12 Language and Translation - English


Iniziativa 18 maggio: Prof. Michael Burke per JEBO

Persuasion and influence techniques in marketing and business: JEBO Training – (Junior Enterprise Bologna)

Prof. Michael Burke

University College Roosevelt/Utrecht University

Visiting Professor University of Bologna 2022 - DIVE IN, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

This interactive lecture will explore persuasion and influence techniques that can be found today in the area of marketing and business. The presentation will begin by introducing and discussing a number of the key theories and frameworks from the field of persuasion studies. These will include influence techniques (Cialdini 2009), sticky messages (Heath & Heath 2007), downplaying and intensifying (Rank 1976), priming (Bargh 2006), framing (Entman 1993) and nudging (Thaler & Sunstein 2008). The science of persuasion will also be examined that lies behind such techniques, regarding how human minds process and retain information (Petty & Cacioppo 1996; Kahneman 2012). We will also dwell on the importance of ethics in this area, when seeking to persuade and influence people. In the second half of the session, we will engage in some practical exercises, where we will employ and test some of the theories that have been encountered in the lecture.

The lecture, organized by JEBO, will be in presence, introduced by Federica Ferrari and open to all JEBO associates, as well as other local junior enterprises. All other interested people are welcome.

Aula 31 in Piazza Scaravilli, Bologna (6-8 pm)

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Published on: May 04 2022