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Fausto Brevi

Adjunct Associate Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna


Le mie pubblicazioni più recenti:

Brevi F., Celi M., Gaetani F., Creating moodboards with digital tools: a new educational approach, in Education and New Developments 2019, InScience Press, 2019

Brevi F., Gaetani F., A new approach to empower the basics of representation skills for product design students, in EDULEARN19 Proceedings, IATED Academy, 2019

Brevi F., Gaetani F., Teaching and empowering representation skills for product design students, in INTED2019 Proceedings, IATED Academy, 2019

Brevi F., Celi M., Gaetani F., Developing representation skills for designers: evolution and trends in product design education, in EDULEARN18 Proceedings, IATED Academy, 2018

Brevi F., Dalla Giulia alla Giulia, in Rappresentazione Materiale/Immateriale, Gangemi Editore, 2018

Brevi F., Gamberini E., Teaching computer graphics for the industrial product design courses, in 10th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, IATED Academy, 2017

Zilvetti M., Conti M., Brevi F., Innovative Urban Mobility Shaped by Users Through Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies, in Digital Futures & City Today, Intellect Books, 2016

Brevi F., Ramponi F., Cross cultural management in creative environments, in ICERI2014 Proceedings, IATED Academy, 2014

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Brevi F., Gaetani F., Il Rilievo per il Design di Prodotto - Surveying for Product Design, in Italian Survey & International Experience, Gangemi Editore, 2014

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