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Fabrizio Tassinari

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Curriculum vitae


Born on 10/26/1988


Italian citizenship

Professional Objective: To fill roles that give me greater decision-making autonomy and responsibility by working in the sports and fitness fields to apply the knowledge acquired in my training.


Teacher Trainer Technicians 2nd and 3rd National Level ITALIAN FEDERATION GIUOCO HANDBALL - ROME (RM) 09/2017 - TODAY - Main activities and responsibilities: Teacher of national training courses for 2nd and 3rd level technicians FIGH. Responsible for teaching athletic training in handball. Teaching of assessment, programming and control of conditional skills and integrated sports specific activities.

Teacher Trainer Technicians 1st Regional Level ITALIAN FEDERATION GIUOCO HANDBALL - MODENA (MO) 09/2017 - TODAY - Main activities and responsibilities: Teacher of 1st level regional technical training courses - Emilia Romagna. Teaching of handball technique, tactics and didactics in the developmental age.

Senior and Junior National Athletic Trainer ITALIAN GIUOCO HANDBALL FEDERATION - ROME (RM) 05/2017 - TODAY - Main activities and responsibilities: Athletic Trainer of the senior and junior men's national teams and of the senior women's national team. Evaluation, planning and control of conditional activities.

MOV3 Athletic Trainer Self-employed worker - IMOLA (BO) 01/2017 - TODAY - Main activities and responsibilities: Integrated assessment together with physiotherapist and nutritionist, motor skills assessment for fitness, advanced metabolic and kinematic sports assessment with the use of technologies such as Metabolimeter, Lactacidometer, Bioimpendenzometry, Accelerometer, Optojump, Photocells.

Head of youth sector A.S.D. ROMAGNA HANDBALL MORDANO (BO) 09/2007 - TODAY - Main activities and responsibilities: Promotion of handball sport, organization of youth sector activities, training and development of new athletes. Skills and objectives achieved: Improvement of technical skills acquired, management of human resources and organization of work in the gym, management of the team of collaborators and coaches.

Handball athlete national category Serie A1 Men A.S.D. ROMAGNA HANDBALL IMOLA (BO) 09/2012 - 05/2018 - Objectives achieved: 2014/15 season - Italian Championship semi-finals 2015/16 season - 1st round of European Handball Cup - Italian Championship semi-finals 2016/17 season - 1st round European Challenge Cup


MASTER'S DEGREE 2012 - 2015 CERTIFIED TITLE Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna School of PHARMACY, BIOTECHNOLOGY and MOTOR SCIENCES Sports sciences and techniques

LM-68 - Master's Degree in Sports Sciences and Techniques Thesis title: Strength training in team sports through kettlebell exercises | Matter: SCIENCE AND TECHNIQUE OF TEAM SPORTS | Speaker: DI MICHELE ROCCO | Keywords: Kettlebell Strength Training Handball Age at graduation: 26 | Official duration of the study course: 2 years Final mark: 110/110 with honors Graduation date: 23/03/2015

GRADUATION 2007 - 2012 CERTIFIED TITLE Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna Faculty of MOTOR SCIENCES Motor sciences specialization: preventive curriculum 33 - Class of degrees in sciences of motor and sports activities Thesis title: HANDBALL TEACHING: FROM CHILDHOOD APPROACH TO YOUTH SPECIALIZATION | Matter: T.T.D. OF MOTOR ACTIVITY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AGE | Speaker: CECILIANI ANDREA | Keywords: Handball teaching handball Age at graduation: 23 | Official duration of the study course: 3 years Final grade: 104/110 Graduation date: 29/03/2012

SCIENTIFIC MATURITY IMOLA 2007 Scientific high school diploma at F. Alberghetti, IMOLA (BO) Diploma mark: 60/100 Diploma type: Italian diploma School type: state

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