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Fabrizio Passarini

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/12 CHIMICA DELL'AMBIENTE E DEI BENI CULTURALI


Ultime tesi seguite dal docente

Tesi di Laurea

  • Caratterizzazione di costituenti inorganici non metallici nelle acque di scarico
  • Determinazione di TOC/DOC in eluati. Caso studio: lisciviazioni di rifiuti da discarica
  • LA SOSTENIBILITA' AMBIENTALE DEGLI EVENTI Caso studio: Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri
  • Studio del processo di compostaggio del rifiuto organico all'interno della Repubblica di San Marino
  • Tecnologie ad idrogeno per la transizione energetica
  • Valutazione dello stato di funzionamento di un impianto di depurazione. Caso di studio: "Ponte Metauro"

Tesi di Laurea Magistrale

  • A new methodology for calculating the University's Carbon Footprint
  • A preliminary idea for a stricter carbon neutrality standard in the corporate sector based on SBTi and PAS 2060
  • Addressing sustainability of absorbent hygiene products: the environmental impact of feminine care products.
  • Almond byproducts as a substitute of wood in the manufacturing of Medium Density Fiberboards for non-construction purposes: LCA of the “Tablero Huella 0” and its market application.
  • An investigation of the Leather Industry environmental impacts and of the available alternatives in the market. AppleSkin, an innovative substitute material: The case of Dallaiti S.n.c.
  • Analysis of MSWM in Florence: an estimation of the carbon footprint of textiles management
  • carbon capture technology: an analysis of theoretical frameworks and real cases of decarbonization of the cement industry
  • Case Study: The impact of the hydropower plants Oxec I and II on the quality of life for the population in Santa María Cahabón, Guatemala
  • Circular Economy and Phosphorus Recovery at Wastewater Treatment Plants: Rimini.
  • Evaluation on the environmental impacts of industrial hemp cultivation in Italy
  • Food waste in the supply chain: focus on farms and food industries and Too Good To Go case study
  • Hydrocarbon activities and management of contaminated sites. Assessment of the Health and Environmental Risk Analysis of the Val d’Agri Oil Center.
  • Implementing circular economy: evaluation of implications related to an innovative waste-to-resource management scenario
  • Italian households’ food waste production: a study on research methodologies, national estimates and the possible role of Covid-19 in behavior change.
  • Methane emissions from enteric fermentation: current promising mitigation practices and their application on cattle livestock sector in Emilia Romagna
  • Processi di abbattimento dei PFAS nei percolati di discarica
  • Quantum Dots - Towards a new frontier of plastic recovery: New technology to implement the tracing system of plastic waste
  • Recycling certificate: the missing incentive to close the loop of the circular economy
  • Social and Economic Life Cycle Assessment for Value Recovery Processing of Mine Tailings Waste
  • Solid Waste Management: a case study on sustainable alternatives to bio-waste disposal in Morocco
  • Sustainable valorization of digested sewage sludge into added-value products
  • The Potential of Electric Vehicle Batteries for Circular Economy. Status Quo and Future Development.
  • The potential socio-economic impacts of turning a landfill into a sustainable waste treatment plant. Case Study: Cateura Landfill.
  • Valutazione degli impatti ambientali relativi alla valorizzazione delle sanse di oliva in una prospettiva di ciclo di vita
  • Waste management in developing countries and a quantitative assessment of greenhouse gas emissions reduction potential of decentralized composting: Kenyan case study

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