Foto del docente

Fabio Piscaglia

Associate Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/09 Internal Medicine

Coordinator of PhD Programme of General Medical and Services Sciences

Curriculum vitae

school of medicine at the university of bologna from 1986, graduated in october 1992 with the highest mark and honours, receiving the prize for the best curriculum of students graduated in medicine in bologna in academic year 1991/92.
state exam for medical doctors in november 1992, achieving the highest marks.
in 1993 he won the prize "p. casanova" of the university of bologna open to recently graduated medical doctors.
he ranked first at the admission exam to the school of specialization in internal medicine of the university of bologna in 1993.

1997 definite and complete pass of the united states medical license examination (usmle) with a score higher than the average score of first attempters in the usa.
1997-1998 one year research period at the university of goettingen, germany, where he personally carried out research laboratory activities using molecular biology technologies in the field of liver fibrogenesis.
1998 specialization in internal medicine at the university of bologna.
1998-2002. phd program in ultrasound in human and veterinary medicine (final thesis in february 2002)
he served in the italian army from may 1992 to may 1993, spending most of the time in the surgical unit of the bologna military hospital. there he took part, as second operator, to over one hundred operations in general surgery and orthopedics under general anesthesia.

academic career
2001-2004. research fellow at the university of bologna, division of internal medicine, dept of internal medicine and gastroenterology
2005-2014. Assistant Professor at the university of Bologna, Unit of Unternal Medicine. Consultant for the liver transplant program
2005- current acitve in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in the ultrasound unit at the division of internal medicine (over 4000 exams for inpatients and over 5000 for outpatients/year; over 120 interventional procedures/year; over 400 contrast us examinations/year).
2005- current. secretary of the bimonthly meeting in liver oncology at the university hospital s.orsola-malpighi, bologna, italy
2006-current: member of the teaching staff at the phd program in ultrasound in human and veterinary medicine, at the University of bologna.
2006-current: responsible of the activities for liver tumors in the division of internal medicine
2008-current: responsible of day hospital activites for liver transplant candidates at the division of internal medicine
2014-current: Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Scientific activities

After some initial research work in the field of metabolic diseases, fabio piscaglia devoted his efforts to the study of liver diseases and portal hypertension and subsequentely to liver transplantation. in these fields he has explored the application of various modalities of ultrasound.
In particular he devoted his efforts to:
a) the evaluation of the splanchnic and systemic hemodynamic disturbances occurring in liver cirrhosis by means of duplex-doppler ultrasound,
b) the use of duplex doppler and b-mode contrast ultrasound in the study of focal liver lesions;
c) the diagnostic pattern of circulatory complications of liver transplantation;
d) the molecular mechanism of liver fibrogenesis.
Since 1993 he collaborated to and personally promoted several studies in these fields and subsequentely he coordinated a research group of younger coworkers devoted to the appication of ultrasound in abdominal application. he published 78 articles in international journals (total impact factor >200) quoted in pubmed, 7 chapters of international books, 2 scientific videotapes and other articles and chapters in books in italian.
In 1993-94 he was awarded an annual research grant by the italian society of ultrasound in medicine and biology (siumb). in 1995, 96 and 97 He has won three prizes for the best presentations at the respective national congresses of siumb.
Since 1993 he is member of the italian society for the study of the liver (aisf) and of the italian society of ultrasound in medicine and biology (siumb).
From year 1994 to year 1999 he acted as tutor for live demonstration in ultrasound at the annual course of basic ultrasound.
From 1997 to 1998 he spent one year at the department of gastroenterology and endocrinology of the university of goettingen, germany, where he personally carried out research laboratory activities in the field of liver fibrogenesis, using animal models, cell cultures and molecular biology technologies.
Since 1997 he teaches at the national annual courses of siumb basic course and from 2001 at the doppler us course and from 2005 at the course of us in gastroenterology.
He participated as invited speaker to numerous national and international courses and workshops in ultrasonography and liver disease since 1995. just a few examples at the european level: he gave lectures at the euroson schools held in katowice (poland) in 1995, in lubjana (slovenia) in 1999, in sibiu (rumania) in 2002 and at the national congress of the flemish ultrasound society (antwerp, may 2005). he was invited speaker on characterization of focal liver lesions at the bracco symposium on contrast agents held on occasion of the congress of the european society for the study of liver disease, barcelona april 2007 (a congress with an attendance larger than 5000 persons).
He was co-director of the “international course on ultrasound in liver disease” held in bologna in september 2006, on occasion of the euroson meeting.

He served as general secretary of the wfumb congress (world federation of societies for ultrasound in medicine and biology) held in Florence in 6-10 may 2000, which hosted more than 3000 participants.
He served as general secretary of the local organizing committee of the EUROSON congress held in Bologna in September 2006, which gathered more than 2000 participants from over 40 nations all around the world.
He was president of the permanent commission for the organization of the annual congress of the Italian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 2005-2007
He was Member of the committee of the Europena Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) for the update of guidelines in the use of us contrast agents (a committee which met in bologna in september 2006 and in rotterdam in january 2007).
Since 2008 chairman of the Quantification Committee of EFSUMB.
Since 2008 Scientific Coordinator of the Center for Ultrasound in Internal Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bologna
2008-2011 Member of the Coordinator Committee, Italian Association for the Study of Liver Disease
2011-13 President of EFSUMB (European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, almost 20.000 members in 27 Countries)
First and corresponding author of the European Guidelines for the non-hepatic applications of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound, published online in August 2011 ( From 2010 member of the Board of Directors of the International Contrast Enhanced Society
From 2013 Associate Editor Ultraschall in der Medizin / European Journal of Ultrasound (IF 4.6 in 2013)

He acts as peer reviewer for more than 15 journals with impact factor over 1.0
Web site connected to research activities