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Fabian Carlos Giusta

Adjunct professor

Department of Architecture

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Fabián Carlos Giusta was born in Argentina, 9 December 1964. Master’s degree in Architecture, Iuav University of Venice. PhD graduation in the Doctoral program of Architectural Composition at the Iuav, University of Venice – 2006. He has done research and didactics at Iuav University of Venice. Visiting Professor at Doctorado en Arquitectura, Facultad de Architettura, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. FAPyD-UNR He is the scientific director and coordinator of the project of the Second Level Master's degree: La dimensión Estética en la Praxis Arquitectónica contemporánea. Facultad de Arquitectura Planeamiento y Diseño - Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. FAPyD – UNR.

His research deals with the theoretical dimension implied in making architectural through correspondence between compositional act, conceptual materialization of the project and poetics of architectural language

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