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Eugenio Bagnini

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

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A corpo “libero”. Pratiche di bodybuilding, fitness e wellness tra razionalità e moralità

At the beginning of the twentieth century, western society faced relevant sociological questions, such as the birth of leisure time, the need to occupy it and to attribute to it sense and cardinal principles capable of guiding human actions. At the same time, an ongoing process of democratizing sport ...

Software generalizzati per la produzione statistica - solo IT

L'Istat rende disponibili per ogni fase di indagine statistica - dal disegno del campione alla diffusione e all'analisi dei dati - alcuni software generalizzati per la produzione statistica. Per software generalizzati si intendono i sistemi disegnati per garantire le funzionalità produttive delle ...

This Sociological Life

A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton, whose current research is focusing on digital sociology, particularly on these topics: critical digital health studies; critical data studies; self-tracking cultures; the digitisation of pregnancy, parenting and children; the sociology of 3D printing; and social ...

Self Knowledge through numbers

Our mission is to support new discoveries about ourselves and our communities that are grounded in accurate observation and enlivened by a spirit of friendship.

The Sport Communication Laboratory

The SportComLab, Laboratory of Social Researchers in Sporting Communications, is an Academic Centre to develop good practices in teachings and researches, and to gather documentations about the communications of sports and physical activities for personal wellbeing and social inclusion. The SportComLab ...

Department for Life Quality Studies

Quality of Life for an equilibrium between Organism, Body and Culture The innovative approach of our Department consists in developing a model of knowledge that envisages a unifying management of similar or convergent problems to which different disciplines may also contribute. While maintaining their ...

Rathenau Instituut for Digital Society Studies

The Rathenau Instituut stimulates public and political opinion forming on social aspects of science and technology. They perform researches and organise debate relating to science, innovation and new Technologies.

Center for Humans and Technology

The research Center for Humans & Technology (Center H&T) at TU/e focusses on the relationship between people and technology, and how one transforms the other. Understanding the relation between humans and technology is key to responsible development and acceptance of future technologies in almost every ...

Quantified Self Institute

To improve quality of life by generating and sharing knowledge in the field of Quantified Self (QS).   

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