Foto del docente

Eugenia Rossi di Schio

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/10 Thermal Engineering and Industrial Energy Systems


Keywords: mixed convection porous media convezione forzata energetics energy efficency

Fourier heat conduction. Hyperbolic heat conduction. Phase transition. Forced convection. Natural convection Mixed convection MHD effects. Non-Newtonian fluids. 

The principal research topics are as follows.

a)      Heat conduction. I study the unsteady heat conduction in a semiinfinite medium, by employing a non-Fourier model for the local energy balance equation based on a relaxation time. The study is performed analytically. Moreover, I study numerically the heat exchanged from a buried pipeline, in presence of freezing /thawing effects in the soil.

b)      Laminar forced convection. In many papers the forced convection is analytically studied, by employing the complex temperature method, by taking into account the viscous dissipation effects or the axial heat conduction effects for the fluid. Then, the analysis is extended to the case of negligible viscous dissipation or axial heat conduction effects but taking into account the heat conduction effect in the channel walls. In this last mentioned paper, I solve the local balance equation both analytically, by means of the confluent hypergeometric functions, and numerically. Finally, I investigate the effect of the viscous dissipation on the laminar forced convection in ducts having a uniform but arbitrary cross-section shape, for thermal boundary conditions of kind T, H1 and H2. The mathematical formulation is presented for arbitrary shapes of the cross-section, but the local balance equations are solved numerically for stadium-shaped ducts. 

c)      Natural and mixed convection for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. I investigate analytically the effect of the buoyancy and its interaction with the viscous dissipation phenomenon, or with magnetohydrodynamcs effects, or in presence of a  steady periodic regime induced by an unsteady thermal boundary condition. Moreover, I study numerically the mixed convection in ducts and the natural convection in enclosures. I investigate analytically the effect of rheology of fluid on the mixed convection in ducts, for a fluid having a Bingham constitutive equation. Moreover, I investigate analytically the mixed convection in an inclined channel, by releasing the Boussinesq hypothesis.

d) Convection in a fluido saturated porous medium. The natural and mixed convection Vis investigated, by employing the different m odels to describe the fluiddynamics of porous media: Darcy' s law, Brinkman model,  Forchheimer model. Particular attention is devoted to the stability analysis of some base flows.