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Ester Sigillò

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


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Publications prior to 2004

· Sigillò, E. (2020). Islamism and the rise of Islamic charities in post-revolutionary Tunisia: claiming political Islam through other means?. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 1-19.

· Sigillò, E. (2020). Ennahdha et l’essor des associations islamiques en Tunisie: revendiquer l’islam politique au-delà de la dimension partisane? L’Année du Maghreb, (22), 113-129.

· Sigillò, E. (2020), Shifting from Party Politics to Civil Society: Political Islam and hybrid trajectories of Tunisian Islamic activism in Tunisia, MWP Working Paper, European University Institute.

· Gana, A., & Sigillò, E. (2019). Les mobilisations contre le rapport sur les libertés individuelles et l’égalité (COLIBE): Vers une spécialisation du parti Ennahdha dans l’action partisane?. L’Année du Maghreb, (21), 377-383.

· Blanc, Théo, & Sigillò, E. (2019). Beyond the 'Islamists vs. Secularists' cleavage: the rise of new challengers after the 2019 Tunisian elections, Policy Brief, European University Institute.

· Sigillò, E. (2019), « The EU’s response to Arab Uprisings: a shifted paradigm? », in Chiriatti, A. & Sigillò E. (eds.), Rethinking Euro-Mediterranean cooperation : new approaches for research and education, Perugia Stranieri University Press

· Sigillò, E. (2019), « Il falso mito della stabilità tunisina”, in Dalle Libie alll’Algeria, affari nostri, LIMES, n.6/2019

· Sigillò, E. (2019), Conducting immersive fieldwork on Tunisian Islamic Activism : Methodological and ethical challenges, online article, Security Praxis, online

· Merone F., Sigillò E. & De Facci, (2018) Nahda and Tunisian Islamic activism, in (eds.) Akbarzadeh S. and Dara Conduit, « New Opposition in the Middle East », Palgrave MacMillan.

· Sigillò, E. & De Facci, D. (2018) “L’économie sociale et solidaire : une nouvelle économie morale pour la Tunisie post-2011 ? La construction de l’«alternative» à Médenine”, L’Année du Maghreb (18) 2018-I.

· Dell’Aguzzo, L. & Sigillò, E. (2017). Political legitimacy and variations in state-religion relations in Tunisia. The Journal of North African Studies, 1-25.

· Sigillò, E., (2017). Beyond the myth of the Tunisian exception: the open-ended tale of a fragile democratization, in Dell’Aguzzo L. & Diodato E. (eds.), The ‘state’ of pivot states in south-eastern Mediterranean: Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring, Perugia Stranieri University Press.

· Sigillò, E. (2016). Tunisia’s evolving Islamic charitable sector and its model of social mobilization, in Informal networks and political transitions in the MENA and the Southeast Asia, online article, Middle East Institute, [] model-social-mobilization

· Sigillò, E. et al. (2013). "Overview and analysis of 1: 1 learning initiatives in Europe." JRC Scientific and Policy Reports: 1-62.

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