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Eleonora Rivalta

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: GEO/10 Solid Earth Geophysics


Maccaferri, F.; Rivalta, E.; Passarelli, L.; Aoki, Y., On the mechanisms governing dike arrest: Insight from the 2000 Miyakejima dike injection, «EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS», 2016, 434, pp. 64 - 74 [Scientific article]

Namiki, Atsuko; Rivalta, Eleonora; Woith, Heiko; Walter, Thomas R., Sloshing of a bubbly magma reservoir as a mechanism of triggered eruptions, «JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH», 2016, 320, pp. 156 - 171 [Scientific article]

Corbi, Fabio; Rivalta, Eleonora; Pinel, Virginie; Maccaferri, Francesco; Acocella, Valerio, Understanding the link between circumferential dikes and eruptive fissures around calderas based on numerical and analog models, «GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS», 2016, 43, pp. 6212 - 6219 [Scientific article]Open Access

Rivalta, E.; Taisne, B.; Bunger, A.P.; Katz, R.F., A review of mechanical models of dike propagation: Schools of thought, results and future directions, «TECTONOPHYSICS», 2015, 638, pp. 1 - 42 [Scientific article]

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Trippanera, D.; Ruch, J.; Acocella, V.; Rivalta, E., Experiments of dike-induced deformation: Insights on the long-term evolution of divergent plate boundaries, «JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH», 2015, 120, pp. 6913 - 6942 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Pascal, Karen; Neuberg, Jurgen; Rivalta, Eleonora, On precisely modelling surface deformation due to interacting magma chambers and dykes, «GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL», 2014, 196, pp. 253 - 278 [Scientific article]

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Cesca, Simone; Braun, Thomas; Maccaferri, Francesco; Passarelli, Luigi; Rivalta, Eleonora; Dahm, Torsten, Source modelling of the M5–6 Emilia-Romagna, Italy, earthquakes (2012 May 20–29), «GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL», 2013, 193, pp. 1658 - 1672 [Scientific article]

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