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Eleonora Poeta

Research fellow

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Teaching tutor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences


Poeta E.; Petralla S.; Babini G.; Renzi B.; Celauro L.; Magnifico M.C.; Barile S.N.; Masotti M.; De Chirico F.; Massenzio F.; Viggiano L.; Palmieri L.; Virgili M.; Lasorsa F.M.; Monti B., Histone Acetylation Defects in Brain Precursor Cells: A Potential Pathogenic Mechanism Causing Proliferation and Differentiation Dysfunctions in Mitochondrial Aspartate-Glutamate Carrier Isoform 1 Deficiency, «FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE», 2022, 15, Article number: 773709 , pp. 1 - 23 [Scientific article]

Sabrina Petralla, Francesca De Chirico, Andrea Miti, Ottavia Tartagni, Francesca Massenzio, Eleonora Poeta, Marco Virgili, Giampaolo Zuccheri, Barbara Monti, Epigenetics and Communication Mechanisms in Microglia Activation with a View on Technological Approaches, «BIOMOLECULES», 2021, 11, Article number: 306 , pp. 1 - 28 [Scientific article]Open Access

He F.; Chou C.J.; Scheiner M.; Poeta E.; Yuan Chen N.; Gunesch S.; Hoffmann M.; Sotriffer C.; Monti B.; Maurice T.; Decker M., Melatonin- And Ferulic Acid-Based HDAC6 Selective Inhibitors Exhibit Pronounced Immunomodulatory Effects in Vitro and Neuroprotective Effects in a Pharmacological Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2021, 64, pp. 3794 - 3812 [Scientific article]

Scheiner M.; Hoffmann M.; He F.; Poeta E.; Chatonnet A.; Monti B.; Maurice T.; Decker M., Selective Pseudo-irreversible Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors Transferring Antioxidant Moieties to the Enzyme Show Pronounced Neuroprotective Efficacy in Vitro and in Vivo in an Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2021, 64, pp. 9302 - 9320 [Scientific article]

Petralla S.; Pena-Altamira L.E.; Poeta E.; Massenzio F.; Virgili M.; Barile S.N.; Sbano L.; Profilo E.; Corricelli M.; Danese A.; Giorgi C.; Ostan R.; Capri M.; Pinton P.; Palmieri F.; Lasorsa F.M.; Monti B., Deficiency of Mitochondrial Aspartate-Glutamate Carrier 1 Leads to Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell Proliferation Defects Both In Vitro and In Vivo, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES», 2019, 20, pp. 4486 - 4514 [Scientific article]Open Access

Scheiner M.; Dolles D.; Gunesch S.; Hoffmann M.; Nabissi M.; Marinelli O.; Naldi M.; Bartolini M.; Petralla S.; Poeta E.; Monti B.; Falkeis C.; Vieth M.; Hubner H.; Gmeiner P.; Maitra R.; Maurice T.; Decker M., Dual-Acting Cholinesterase-Human Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Ligands Show Pronounced Neuroprotection in Vitro and Overadditive and Disease-Modifying Neuroprotective Effects in Vivo, «JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2019, 62, pp. 9078 - 9102 [Scientific article]Open Access

Roldan-Pena J.M.; Romero-Real V.; Hicke J.; Maya I.; Franconetti A.; Lagunes I.; Padron J.M.; Petralla S.; Poeta E.; Naldi M.; Bartolini M.; Monti B.; Bolognesi M.; Lopez O.; Fernandez-Bolanos J.G., Tacrine-O-protected phenolics heterodimers as multitarget-directed ligands against Alzheimer's disease: Selective subnanomolar BuChE inhibitors, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2019, 181, Article number: 111550 , pp. 111550 - 111565 [Scientific article]

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