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Eleonora Foschi

Ricercatrice a tempo determinato tipo a) (junior)

Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-P/07 ECONOMIA AZIENDALE


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Pubblicazioni antecedenti il 2004

Eleonora Foschi, Sara Zanni, Alessandra Bonoli. Combining Eco-Design and LCA as Decision-Making Process to Prevent Plastics in Packaging Application, «Sustainability», 2020 [Scientific article]


Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli, Francesco Di Maio. Life cycle technique to close the loop: from the recyclability to the circularity of plastic packaging [in Proceedings of the LCIC2020 - 2nd Life Cycle Innovation Conference]


Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli, Manuela Ratta. A systemic paradigm to foster the circularity of plastic value chain [in Proceedings of the LCIC2020 - 2nd Life Cycle Innovation Conference]


Valentına Fantin, Ugo Mencherini, Elisabetta Boncio, Susanna Paoni, Giuseppe Creanza, Francesca Cuna, Chiara Mansanta, Gerardo Lancia, Eleonora Foschi, Marco La Monica, Tiziana Beltrani, Laura Cutaia. Mapping of regional policies and actions for industrial symbiosis. [in Proceedings of the third SUN - Symbiosis User Network Conference]


Eleonora Foschi, Filippo D'Addato, Alessandra Bonoli. Plastic waste management: a comprehensive analysis of the current status to set up an after-use plastic strategy in Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)«Environmental Science and Pollution Research», 2020 [Scientific article]


Chiara Magrini, Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli. The role of eco-labelling in plastic packaging circularity [in Proceeding of the ISWA 2019, World congress of the International Solid Waste Association]

Eleonora Foschi, Chiara Magrini, Alessandra Bonoli. The system thinking approach to boost the transition towards circular economy in packaging applications [in Proceeding of the ICEEM, 2019, 10th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management]


Angelo Paletta, Walter Leal Filho, Abdul-Lateef Balogun, Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli. Barriers and challenges to plastics valorisation in the context of a circular economy: case studies from Italy, «Journal of Cleaner Production», 2019 [Scientific article]


Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli. Scenario of the plastic waste recycling in Emilia Romagna Region (Italy) as effort for the recent European Strategy for plastics in a circular economy [in Proceedings of the HERAKLION 2019, 7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management]


Eleonora Foschi and Alessandra Bonoli. The Commitment of Packaging Industry in the Framework of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, «Administrative sciences», Special Issue "Industrial Ecology and Innovation", 2019, 9, 18  [Scientific article]


A. Bonoli, N. Dolci, E. Foschi, F. Lalli, D.Prandstraller and S. Zanni. End-of-service-scenario for universities informatic equipment recovery and repair as educational and research tool for circular economy and urban mining, «Detritus Journal», Special issue "Circular Economy", 2018, 04, pp. 90 - 97 [Scientific article]


Sara Zanni, Francesco Lalli, Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli, Luca Mantecchini. Indoor Air Quality Real-Time Monitoring in Airport Terminal Areas: An Opportunity for Sustainable Management of Micro-Climatic Parameters, «SENSORS», 2018, 18, pp. 3798 - 3812 [Scientific article]


E.Foschi, A.Pavlova, A.Bonoli. Waste management in Italy and Russia: policy challenges and opportunities [in Proceedings of the fourth SUM - Symposium Urban Mining]


Alessandra Bonoli, Eleonora Foschi and Daria Prandstraller. A Bottom-up Approach to Reducing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. [in CLIMATE INNOVATION INSIGHTS | Series 2, No. 5 - Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Production Systems]


Eleonora Foschi, Alessandra Bonoli. The sustainable regeneration of an industrial area as urban laboratory of circular economy and industrial symbiosis. [in Proceedings of the first SUN - Symbiosis User Network Conference]


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