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Elena Bernardi

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/12 Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage


Keywords: metal release atmospheric corrosion atmospheric pollutants interaction between pollutants and materials natural and accelerated ageing of materials leaching tests cultural heritage bronzes weathering steel

The research activity is mainly focused on the study of the effects of the environment and pollutants on different environmental receptors, materials constituting cultural heritage and protective products.

Main current research activities:

  • Study of the interaction between pollutants, atmospheric depositions, environmental parameters and traditional and modern materials. Mainly studied materials are metals and alloys (e.g. bronzes, silicon bronzes, Cor-Ten and weathering steel), natural and artificial stones, polimeric materials. As for metals and alloys, metal release is especially evaluated. The study can be performed also though natural and/or artificial ageing (e.g. alternated immersion, runoff tests, climatic chamber).
  • Evaluation of the efficiency and development of protective products/systems for cultural heritage.
  • Development of ageing tests and methodologies for studying material decay.
  • Application of multivariate analysis techniques and Design of Experiment (DoE) for the understanding of environmental processes and processes related to the deterioration of materials.
  • Environmental monitoring, study of atmospheric depositions and pollutants (outdoor and indoor) and of related environmental impacts.
  • Sustainable management of resources and processes.

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