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Elena Zamagni

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/15 MALATTIE DEL SANGUE


IMAT exam results of 26 01 2022

To view the file with the results lick on this link (or copy and paste): the votes will be recorded on Friday 03 February. who does not accept the vote will have to refuse it explicitly writing an email within thursday 02 february at 16 ...

Pubblicato il: 30 gennaio 2023

exams dates

Exams location: Aula Chiantore, Pad 8 Form: written multiple choice test, joined Pathology (prof. Piccaluga) (8 questions) and hematology (24 questions), 32 in total. To pass the exam the student should give a correct answer to at least 4 pathology questions and at least 12 hematology questions; if ...

Pubblicato il: 16 novembre 2022

Exam dates

For this academic year the exam will be conducted via teams, in oral form, in joint-venture with prof. Piccaluga; the students will be interviewed by the 2 professors, separately, in the same afternoon, one after the other. Following the established dates for the exam in 2022, 3 pm: 27 January ...

Pubblicato il: 10 novembre 2021