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Diego Valiante

Adjunct professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law


Diego has provided contributions to Italian and international newspapers, as well as well-known blogs, such as VoxEU, and Economonitor.

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ECMI/CEPS and Peer-reviewed publications [OA, Open Access]

  • [OA] Valiante D., (2019), “Regulating Financial Services in the Age of FinTech”, editorial for the European Banking Institute Newsletter.
  • Valiante D., (2018), “Il crowdfunding e la nuova proposta di regolamento UE”, Rivista di Diritto Societario, n.4.
  • [OA] Valiante D., E. Meyermans, Uregian C., G. Van Campenhout (2018), “Completing the Capital Markets Union and its impact on economic resilience in the euro area”, Quarterly Report of the Euro Area, Vol. 17, n. 4.
  • [OA] Valiante, D., C. Amariei & W. P. de Groen (2017), "Improving the Investor Base for Local Currency Bond Markets in China, India and Indonesia", in cooperation with the Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), August, ISBN 978-94-6138-552-9
  • Valiante, D. (2017), "The ‘Visible Hand’ of the ECB’s first quantitative easing", International Economics and Economic Policy, pp. 1-24.
  • [OA] Valiante, D. (2016), "Harmonising Insolvency Laws in the Euro Area: Rationale, stocktaking and challenges", CEPS Special Report, N. 153, December.
  • [OA] Valiante D., D. Gros, W. P. De Groen (2016), "The ECB’s Latest Gimmick. Cash for loans", CEPS Policy Brief, No. 341, March.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2015), “Light and Shadows of Europe’s new Action Plan for Capital Markets Union”, ECMI Commentary, n. 40, October.
  • Valiante D. (2015), “Three narratives on the changing face of global commodities market structure”, Credit and Capital Markets – Kredit und Kapital: Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 243-308.

  • Valiante D. (2015), “Banking Union in a single currency area: evidence on financial fragmentation”, The Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Vol. 7, N. 3.
  • [OA] Valiante D. & M. De Manuel (2014), “A life-cycle approach to investor protection”, ECMI Working Paper.
  • [OA] Valiante D. & Amariei C (2014), “The OTC derivatives markets after financial reforms”, ECMI Commentary, n. 46, May.
  • [OA] Valiante D. & Infelise F. (2013), “Why a more accurate EU definition of SME matters!”, ECMI Commentary, n. 35, November.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2013), “The Cypriot precedent”, Editorial, Intereconomics,Vol. 48, N. 3, pp. 134-135.
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  • [OA] Grabbe, H., Meyer, H., & Valiante, D. (2012), “Citizens’ Europe: Crowded out by economic focus”,Intereconomics,Vol. 47, N. 5, pp. 268-281, September/October, contribution titled “Building a Political Euro Area and a ‘Federation of Regions’”, p. 277-281.
  • Valiante D. (2012), “Last call for a Banking Union in the Euro area”, Applied Economics Quarterly, Vol. 58, N. 2, earlier version (August 2012) available at .
  • Valiante D. (2012), “Setting the Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Trading Platforms: Does the MiFID definition of OTF make sense?”, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, Vol. 21, N. 1, pp.69 – 83, earlier version available as [OA] ECMI Research Report, n. 7, April 2012 at .
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2012), “The Euro prisoner’s dilemma”, ECMI Commentary, n. 32, February, also published in Italian on the blog of Italian economists, LaVoce.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2011), “The gloomy scenario of Italy’s default”, ECMI Commentary, n. 31, December, published on Eurointelligence.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2011), A long-term exit strategy for the eurozone: take it or leave it!”, Editorial, World Commerce Review, September.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2011), “The Eurozone debt crisis: from its origins to a way forward”, CEPS Policy Brief, n. 251, August, the most downloaded CEPS Policy Brief in 2012 with over 17,000 times in July 2013.
  • Valiante D. (2011), “NYSE Euronext – Deutsche Boerse: Let the Dance go on!”, in Intereconomics, Vol. 46, N. 4, July/August, earlier version available as [OA] ECMI Policy Brief n. 17, April 2011, at .
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2011), “Commodity Price Formation in Boom-and-Bust Cycles”, ECMI Commentary, n. 29, June.
  • Lannoo K., and Valiante D. (2011), “The MiFID Metamorphosis: A New Paradigm for Market Structure”, Journal of Securities Operations & Custody, Vol. 3, N. 4, February, earlier version available as [OA] ECMI Policy Brief n. 16, 30 April 2010, available at .
  • Valiante D. (2011), “Commodity Prices on the Front Line: Boom and Bust?”, Editorial, Intereconomics, Vol. 46, N. 1, January/February.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2011), “MiFID Implementation in the midst of the Financial Crisis: Results of an ECMI Survey”, ECMI Research Reports, n. 6, February.
  • [OA] Valiante D. & De Manuel M. (2010), “Where does Europe stand on the regulation of alternative investments? Dispelling Myths and Challenging Realities”, ECMI Commentary, n. 26, September.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2010), “Shaping Reforms and Business Models for over-the-counter Derivatives Markets: Quo Vadis?”, ECMI Research Report, n. 5, 15 April, available at and .
  • [OA] Lannoo, K. and Valiante D. (2009), “Integrating Europe’s back office: 10 years of turning in circles”, ECMI Policy Brief, N. 13, June.
  • Valiante, D. (2006), “Accident Caused by a Leased Car”, Palermo, Justice of the peace, 19/11/2004, Commentary, Foro Italiano Law Review, n. 1, January.
  • Valiante, D. (2005), “The Right of Way”, Supreme Court (“Cassazione”), II civil section, April 27th 2004, n. 8039, Commentary, Foro Italiano Law Review, n. 2, February.
  • Valiante, D. (2005), “Contracts of Deposit and Action to Restore The Rights on The Property”, Venezia Civil Court, 15/03/2004, Commentary, Foro Italiano Law Review, n. 6, June.
  • Valiante, D. (2004), “Copyrights”, Tortona Civil Court, 24/11/2003, Commentary, Foro Italiano Law Review, n. 4, April.

    Books and book contributions

  • Valiante D. (2019, forthcoming October), Commentary to Chapter 1 by F. Allen and L. Pastor, in Franklin Allen, Ester Faia, Katja Langenbucher and Michael Haliassos, Capital Markets Union and Beyond, MIT Press.
  • [OA] Valiante D. (2018), “Risk sharing and financial integration: How can the Capital Markets Union deliver?”, in J. Andritzky & J. Rocholl, Towards a more resilient Euro Area, CEPS-ESMT Berlin-German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE).
  • Valiante D. (2018), 'CMU and the deepening of financial integration', in E. Avgouleas, D. Busch, and G. Ferrarini, Capital Markets Union in Europe, Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198813392
  • Valiante D. (2016), Europe's Untapped Capital Market: Rethinking financial integration after the crisis, London: Rowman & Littlefield International; [OA] online version downloaded more than 20,000 times.
  • Valiante D. (2013), Price Formation in Commodities Markets: Financialisation and Beyond, CEPS Paperbacks (also published by Brookings, and available at, September 2013; [OA] online version
  • Valiante D., Steinberg F, Schwarzer D (2013), “Towards a common external representation for the euro zone?”, in Think Global – Act European (TGAE). Thinking strategically about the EU’s external action, Notre Europe, March. The project “Think Global – Act European (TGAE). Thinking strategically about the EU’s external action” was directed by Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and involved 16 European think tanks: Carnegie Europe, CCEIA, CER, CEPS, demosEUROPA, ECFR, EGMONT, EPC, Real Instituto Elcano, Eliamep, Europeum, FRIDE, IAI, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, SIEPS, SWP.
  • Fossati L., and Valiante D. (2013), “La regolazione finanziaria europea nel dopo crisi”, in Giuliano Amato and Roberto Gualtieri (eds.), Prove di Europa Unita. Le istituzioni europee di fronte alla crisi.
  • [OA] Clerc, C., De Manuel M., Demarigny F., and Valiante D. (2012), A legal and economic assessment of European takeover regulation, CEPS Paperbacks (also published by Brookings, and available at
  • Valiante D. (2011), MiFID 2.0: Casting New Light on Europe’s Capital Markets, CEPS Paperback (also published by Brookings, and available at; [OA] online version
  • [OA] Valiante, D. (2010), “Restoring Investor Confidence in European Capital Markets”, Final Report of the European Investors’ Working Group (EIWG), CEPS Task Force Report, 23 February, available at . ISBN 978‐92‐9079‐973‐3
  • Valiante D. & K. Lannoo (2010), “Integrating Europe’s back office: 10 years of turning in circles”, in P.J. Engelen and Karel Lannoo (eds), Facing New Regulatory Frameworks in Securities Trading in Europe, Intersentia. ISBN 9789050959735

    External studies for international organisations

  • [OA] European Parliament – July 2016

    “Harmonising insolvency laws in the Euro Area: rationale, stock-taking and challenges. What role for the Eurogroup?”. Provided in advance of the Economic Dialogue with the President of the Eurogroup in autumn 2016, at the request of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (Economic Governance Support Unit).

  • [OA] European Commission – June 2015

    “Study on exemptions for third-country central banks and other entities under the Market Abuse Regulation and the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation”

    (together with K. Lannoo, C. Amariei, D. Ramos, M. Garcia de Vicuna Unda, M. Lamandini, A. Pomelli, F. Pellegrini) DOI: 10.2780/73005 ISBN: 978-92-79-43372-6

  • [OA] European Parliament (ECON Committee) – November 2014 (together with Daniel Gros, Cinzia Alcidi, Willem Pieter de Groen, Alessandro Giovannini) “Financial Fragmentation and Quantitative Easing” on the nature of financial fragmentation in the euro area and the potential impact of a quantitative easing. The full text is available at
  • [OA] European Commission – October 2013

    “Fitness checks of costs of regulations for steel and aluminium industries in the EU”

    Contribution to the fitness check study run by the European Commission (DG Enterprise) to assess costs of EU regulations on steel and aluminium industries. Author and coordinator of the section on the impact of financial and commodities markets regulation and on the impact of LME delivery queues on the final price of aluminium. Final report available at

  • [OA] European Parliament (ECON Committee) – September 2013 - Together with Daniel Gros and Cinzia Alcidi) “Can Unconventional Monetary Policies Ensure the Stability of the Euro Area?” On the effectiveness of unconventional monetary policy tools as interest rates remain close to zero and monetary policy transmission channels do not yet function fully in the euro area. The full text is available at
  • Qatar Central Bank and Qatar Financial Markets Authority – March 2013

    A Strategic Plan for the Qatar Financial Markets Authority. Laying the path for a modern and harmonised financial framework in Qatar. Drafting of the plan for reforms in financial that would allow the country to match internationally recognised standards in light of QFMA candidacy to IOSCO membership. The plan is not publicly available.

  • [OA] European Commission – 28 June 2012

    “The Takeover Bids Directive. An Assessment Report”

    Coordinator of the CEPS capital markets team that drafted the economic impact assessment The study was published with an official communication and available at

  • [OA] European Parliament (report for the ECON Committee) – June 2012

    “External Representation of the Euro Area”

    On the options for improving the external representation of the euro area in international institutions.

  • [OA] European Commission - 15 January 2010

    “Tying and other potentially unfair commercial practice in financial services”

    Study presented by the European Commission in the consultation process on selling practices in financial services available at .

    Working Papers

  • [OA] Giovannini A., and Valiante D. (2013), “Unifying Euro area representation at the IMF: a two steps proposal”, Working paper presented at the ECPR-ECB conference, 15 March.
  • [OA] Renda A., and Valiante D. (2010), “Legal and Economic Approach to Tying and Other Potentially Unfair and Anticompetitive Commercial Practices: Focus on Financial Services”, CEPS and LUISS University Working Paper, February, available at .
  • [OA] Valiante, D. (2008), “The Market for Subprime Lending: a Law and Economics Analysis of Market Failures and Policy Responses”, Working Paper (contribution to the Ph.D. Thesis) – LUISS University, Rome, available at

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