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Davide Guidetti

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis

Curriculum vitae

Degree in Mathematics by the University of Bologna in 1980 with tutor Bruno Pini. Researcher in Mathematical Analysis by the facultee of Engineering of Bologna since 1983. Associate professor since 1992. Full professor since 2001. Since 2002 I have been full professor by the second facultee of Engineering of the University of Bologna. In the academic year 2012-13 I kept the course of "Mathematical methods in engineering" (6 credits in the degree course in "Aerospace Engineering ") in English. In  september 2003 I kept a short course of three lectures by the university of Bari, with title "An introduction to maximal regularity for parabolic problems and interpolation theory with application to an inverse problem", the text of which has been published in the book "Interplay between (C0)-semigroups and PDEs theory and applications", ed. S. Romanelli, R. M. Mininni, S. Lucente, Aracne (2004).

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