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Davide Donati

Research fellow

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering


Tavasci L.; Lambertini A.; Donati D.; Girelli V.A.; Lattanzi G.; Castellaro S.; Gandolfi S.; Borgatti L., A Laboratory for the Integration of Geomatic and Geomechanical Data: The Rock Pinnacle “Campanile di Val Montanaia”, «REMOTE SENSING», 2023, 15, Article number: 4854 , pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Alessandro Lambertini, Luca Tavasci, Giovanni Lattanzi, Davide Donati, Silvia Castellaro, Lisa Borgatti, A laboratory for the integration of geomatic, geophysical and geomechanical data: the «Campanile della Val Montanaia» (Cimolais, PN), in: -, 2022(atti di: Il ruolo del monitoraggio nello studio e nella gestione del rischio idrogeologico per la tutela del territorio montano, La Villa, BZ, 28-30 settembre 2022) [Poster]

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Rabus, Bernhard; Engelbrecht, Jeanine; Clague, John J.; Donati, Davide; Stead, Doug; Francioni, Mirko, Response of a large deep-seated gravitational slope deformation to meteorological, seismic, and deglaciation drivers as measured by InSAR, «FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE», 2022, 10, Article number: 918901 , pp. 1 - 25 [Scientific article]Open Access

Donati D.; Borgatti L.; Stead D.; Francioni M.; Ghirotti M.; Margottini C., The characterization of slope damage at the Civita di Bagnoregio plateau using a remote sensing approach, in: Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites III - Proceedings of the 3rd International Issmge TC301 Symposium, 2022, CRC Press/Balkema, 2022, pp. 497 - 508 (atti di: 3rd International Symposium on the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites, IS NAPOLI 2022, Napoli, Italy, 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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Donati D.; Francioni M.; Gotardo O.C.; Lucente C.C.; Borgatti L., A Comprehensive 3d Geological Model Of The North-Eastern Sector Of The San Leo Plateau, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT», 2021, 1, pp. 79 - 86 [Scientific article]Open Access

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