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Dario Frascari

Assistant professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/25 Chemical Plants


Keywords: Bioproduction Biofuel production Wastewater treatment Biomethane and biohydrogen Process simulation and optimization Adsorption Solvent extraction Anaerobic digestion Fermentations Mixing Waste valorization

1) Biological production of hydrogen, methane and high added value compounds (such as succinic aicd, volatile fatty acids, butanediol) from organic wastes, in suspended-cell and attached-cell bioreactors. The activity indlues: i) small scale batch tests ii) the development of chemical and enzymatic pre-treatments of ligno-cellulosic substrates; iii) the kinetic and fluid-dynamic modeling of the process; iv) the economic analysis of the process.

2) Separation of polyphenols from olive mill wastewater by adsorption, with particular emphasis on the testing of innovative resins, on the technical and economic optimization of the process and on the process simulation.

The common elements in the different research lines of Dr. Frascari are the integration of the experimental activities with simulation activities aimed at process optimization, and the scale-up of the studied processes in pilot-scale reactors / plants.

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