Foto del docente

Daniele Vigo

Full Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: MAT/09 Operations Research


Keywords: Network Design Logistics Vehicle Routing Combinatorial Optimization Cutting and Packing

The scientific and research activities of Daniele Vigo have been mainly devoted to the design and analysis of models and algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization problems. In particular, within these researches, aiming at dening and evaluating (both theoretically and experimentally) new algorithms, he has examined the following problems:
  • Vehicle Routing Problem and its variants (Capacitated VRP, Asymmetric VRP, VRP with Backhauls ...).
  • Traveling Salesman Problem and its variants (with pickup and delivery).
  • Crew Scheduling and Crew Rostering.
  • Bin Packing in one, two and three dimensions.
  • Process allocation and signal compression.
  • Machine scheduling problems.
  • Urban mobility and freight transportation modelling.
  • Optimization of Network design for energy and telecommunication applications.
From a methodological point of view the research has considered both exact techniques, based on Dynamic Programming, Branch-and-Bound and Branch-and-Cut, and heuristic and metaheuristic techiques. In recent years Daniele Vigo has also performed a vast activity of literature survey on packing and routing problems. This latter research led to the preparation of several papers and book contributions and in the preparation of an edited book on VRP, with Paolo Toth, published in the Discrete Mathematics and Applications series of S.I.A.M. Daniele Vigo is author of more than 80 papers and book chapters published by the major journals and publishers in the field of Operations Research.

During August-September 1994 he was visiting scientist at the Eindhoven Technical University (Netherland) with a grant of the \Human Capital and Mobility" European Community program.
During July-August 1996 he was visiting scientist at the Centre de Recherche sur les Transports of the University of Montreal (Canada).
In November 1996 visited the Jozsef Attila University of Szeged (Hungary) with a grant of a bilateral collaboration between Italy and Hungary.
During 2010-11 he visited the Goethe Unversity of Franfurt A.M. (Germany).
He has carried out intense seminar activity in important national, European and extra-European universities. He took part in numerous national and international conferences, often organizing and chairing sessions and in some cases as invited speaker.
He was member of the organizing committee for CP-AI-OR'99 (Workshop on Integration of AI and OR techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems), Ferrara (Italy), February 1999.
He was member of the program committee for the IFORS'99 Conference held in Beijing (China) in August 1999.
He was member of the program committee of the Giornate AIRO 2004, 2005 and 2007, as well as chair of the organizing committee of the Giornate AIRO 2006, held in Cesena in September 2007.
He was chair of the organizing committee of ROUTE 2005, held in Bertinoro in June 2005.
He was cluster co-chair of the IFORS conference held in Honoululu in July 2005.
He was stream organizer of the EURO Conference held in Reikyavik in July 2006, in Lisbon 2009, and in those of 2012, 2013 and 2015.
He organized the conference VEROLOG 2012 in Bologna, June 2012. member of the programme committee of the conferences from 2013 onwards.
He was member of the program committee of the Odysseus Meeting from 2007 onwards
He regularly acts as referee for the principal national and international journals in the eld of Operations Research.
In the period 2000-2002 he was Associate Editor for the Transportation area of Operations Research.
From may 2002 to 2005 he was Associate Editor for the Transportation area of Operations Research Letters. He is Associate Editor of Transportation Science, Journal of Coordination Science and Logistics. He is member of the editorial board of EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics. He was member of the evaluation committee for PhD at the Universities of Montreal, Copenhagen, Salerno, Barcellona, Roma, Lille,Vienna, Troyes, Tolosa and Modena-Reggio Emilia. He was member in 2007-08 of the committee for the IFORMS Transportation Science Section Dissertation Prize.
He was between 2003-2011 Vice-President of AIRO the Italian Operations Research Society.
He is coordinator of the EURO Working group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization.